Andrew James Klassen

PhD Political Science, MA International Relations, BA Sociology and Philosophy

Lecturer in Political Science

Dr Klassen is a political science lecturer at Charles Darwin University.  His main research interests cover comparative public opinion and political institution design.  More specifically, he researches the links between institutional or political system design and public support or behaviour.  For example, how the design of national parliaments, electoral systems, and political institutions affect satisfaction with democracy, political trust, and rates of voter turnout.  His PhD thesis was a comparative study of 80 countries analysing how the design of electoral management bodies affects public perceptions of electoral integrity. A unique aspect of Dr Klassen’s research is simultaneously using multiple cross-national public opinion surveys.  The approach was first developed for his postgraduate thesis and has continuously expanded in scope since. Using multiple surveys requires harmonising existing data by recoding it to create common variables.  This facilitates broader empirical analysis, produces more generalisable results, and incorporates research reliability checks.  The project includes over 300 cross-national surveys with about 7.5 million respondents from 158 countries since 1962.

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Research Interests

  • Elections, electoral systems, and voting behaviour
  • Public opinion, political support, and government legitimacy
  • Government, political system, and institutional design
  • Evidence-based public policy and administration
  • Quantitative and public opinion research methods

Areas of Expertise

  • Electoral management body and electoral system design
  • Electoral integrity, democratic quality, and voter turnout
  • Democratisation and democratic consolidation
  • Comparative public opinion research
  • Separation of powers systems and political legitimacy


  • Australian Political Studies Association, member since 2011
  • American Political Science Association, member since 2011
  • International Political Science Association, member since 2012

Teaching and Supervision

  • POL101 Introduction to Australian Politics – Lecturer and Coordinator
  • POL312 Northern Territory Politics Internship – Supervisor and Coordinator
  • POL315 Politics in Indonesia – Lecturer and Coordinator
  • POL316 Politics in China – Lecturer and Coordinator

Previous Teaching

  • POLS1002 Introduction to Politics (Australian National University) – Senior Tutor and Guest Lecturer
  • 8513 International Human Rights (University of Canberra) – Lecturer and Tutor


Dr Klassen is interested in supervising students wishing to undertake quantitative and empirical research analysing institutional design or public opinion.  Students interested in evidence-based public policy are also welcome.
Andrew James Klassen


T: 08 8946 7045

Casuarina Campus
Building Orange 6, Level 1, Room 3