Office of Indigenous Leadership and Regional Outreach

The Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Indigenous Leadership and Regional Outreach (OPVCILRO), is an Aboriginal lead Portfolio. We are uniquely dedicated to Indigenous capacity building, including in Indigenous research and in our community engagement.

OPVCILRO provides leadership to the University in achieving its goal of becoming globally recognised for Indigenous leadership in education (Strategic Plan 2015-2025).

CDU’s commitment to this goal includes:

  • Developing innovative programs, informed by local and national agendas to improve Indigenous participation.
  • Creating and maintaining culturally-enriched and culturally-safe environments for Indigenous students.
  • Learning in partnership with Indigenous students, staff and community.
  • Increasing our Indigenous staffing profile.

Participation in corporate governance across the University and a commitment to facilitating a whole-of-university approach to advancing Indigenous education outcomes and corporate cultural competencies are key responsibilities of the OPVCILRO.

The incorporation of Indigenous perspectives and knowledge into the University’s core business is central to the goal of being the University of first choice for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and staff.

OPVCILRO plays a role in providing advice and advocacy services to both academic and professional staff around working with Indigenous students, communities and organisations.