Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Reconciliation Action Plan logoDevelopment of our RAP will involve consultation with all staff across the University, as well as external Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and other interested parties. CDU also hope to engage the wider NT community and corporate community in support of our reconciliation aspirations.  The RAP will be based on developing relationships, respect and opportunities.

Key elements of the process

  • The Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Group (VCAG) will oversee the project.
  • A Working Group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders will draft the RAP through extensive consultation with both internal and external stakeholder.
  • Once ratified and registered with Reconciliation Australia, the RAP will be launched publicly.
  • The RAP will be implemented across the University.
  • Ongoing evaluation of the RAP will occur at least annually.

Key areas of action

  • Indigenous leadership.
  • Cultural competency.
  • Symbolic and cultural recognition.

Read Charles Darwin University's signed Statement of Commitment to Reconciliation (PDF 1mb).

Read Charles Darwin University's Reconciliation Action Plan (corporate version) (PDF 5mb).