Most students will enrol online via MyStudentInfo, however, non-award, incoming cross-institutional  and some VET students will need to do manual (paper) enrolments.

Below is some useful information for new and continuing students.

If you are a new student - Get Started with your enrolment. 

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Incoming cross-institutional students

  • If you are currently enrolled in a course of study leading to an award at another Australian institution, you can choose to undertake approved units at CDU for credit at your home institution.

To do so, you must complete and submit:

Cross-institutional students are subject to the rules of CDU including those relating to fees and academic progress. If you are not eligible for either HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP at your home institution, you will not be eligible for either loan program at CDU.  You will also be liable for the Student Services and Amenities Fees at CDU.

Outgoing cross-institutional students

If you are currently enrolled in a course of study leading to an award at CDU, you can choose to undertake approved units at another Australian institution for credit towards your studies at CDU. To do so you must submit the Outgoing Cross Institutional eForm. For outgoing CDU students please ensure you outline the unit/s you intend to enrol in at the host institution”.

Cross-institutional enrolments through another institution are subject to the host institution’s rules and regulations and it is essential that you check with the institution you are studying with for important dates, fees and payment information.

Non-award students

If you are a non-award (miscellaneous) student you need to submit a Higher Education Enrolment form (PDF 119KB).

Course transfer          

You can apply for a course transfer if you are currently enrolled at CDU and wish to transfer to a different course or new version of a course, at the same degree level.  

Please note: course transfers are not available into all courses. Please refer to the course catalogue for further information. 

To be eligible for a course transfer, you must:

  • meet the admission requirements for the new course
  • be currently enrolled in a CDU course
  • have completed at least 10 credit points in your current course
  • apply prior to the commencement of semester.

Course transfers are not automatically granted and are assessed by the relevant faculty for approval. If you have completed any units that may be relevant to your new course, the Course Co-ordinator will arrange for the credit transfer to be granted at the time the course transfer is processed.

If you are not currently enrolled and have a status of lapsed, discontinued or completed, you are not permitted to use the course transfer process. You are encouraged to submit an application for admission through SATAC for entry in to the course.

To apply for a course transfer, please carefully read and submit the Course Transfer eForm. If you are an international student you need to contact the Office of International Services.

If you are currently receiving a scholarship you will need to ensure that you still meet the requirements if you transfer to another course. For further information please contact scholarships@cdu.edu.au.

Withdrawing from your course

If you no longer wish to continue your course, you need to submit a Complete Cancellation eForm.  We advise you to speak to your Course Coordinator, and/or a Counsellor prior to submitting your course cancellation.

Withdrawing from units

Ask CDU can answer many questions you might have about your enrolment at CDU, such as:

If you need a break from your studies you can apply for an intermission from your course for either 6 or 12 months. To be eligible to apply you must have completed at least one unit of your course. To apply submit an Intermission eForm before the census date for the relevant semester.

Some benefit may be gained from discussing your situation.  Email Student Central, the Academic Liaison Unit or Equity Services and they can provide advice on the most appropriate person to talk to.

If you do not re-enrol, or do not apply for an intermission from your course by the relevant census date, the University then considers you lapsed from your course. You will then need to reapply through SATAC to continue your studies.

Census date

Every semester at the University has its own census date. Withdrawing from units after census date normally results in an academic and financial penalty. It is your responsibility to ensure that your enrolment and payment details are correct by the census date.     

Final date to Enrol

Every semester and study period at the University has a final date to enrol. Enrolments after this date can't be done online and can only be actioned with written permission from the unit lecturer.

If you are interested in enrolling in Certificate I – IV courses, Diploma or Advanced Diploma courses, please visit the CDU VET enrolment page.