Chris Bradley

Senior Consultant Professional Learning: Indigenous Programs

Chris has worked in Education for 30 years; 25 of those, in schools across the Northern Territory.

Her current focus is promoting the understanding and implementation of Emotional Intelligence as a tool for improving relationships, teaching, and leadership, especially in the field of Indigenous Education.

Chris has a Graduate Certificate in Behaviour and Counselling, and Cert. IV in Career Counselling & Workplace Trainer & Assessor. She also completed the Coaching course from Growth Coaching International, and Lead Management from the William Glasser Institute.

Her previous experience in educational roles include

  • Remote area Principal and Assistant Principal
  • Counselling and Wellbeing officer
  • Senior Behaviour Consultant  with the DoE
  • Delivery of VET programs in remote areas,
  • Train the Trainer in Child Protection programs
  • Equal Opportunity policy development
  • Senior Education Officer in Special Education

Currently working at the Centre for School Leadership, after 7 years in Indigenous Communities, Chris will be delivering her program on preventative & developmental strategies for positive behavioural change, entitled ‘3R2 +: a Formulae for Success’

Chris has extensive ‘real life’ experience and deep knowledge in the behavioural management field and has presented her 3R2 Behaviour Program, across the Northern Territory and Internationally.


T: +61 8946 7475
F: +618 8946 7177