2015 Free Webinar Series

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Presenter:  Arts Law Centre of Australia

Date: May 04, 2015 to Jul 11, 2015

Time: 12:00pm

Contact person:  Nicole Sarfati
T: 8951 1190
E: nicole.sarfati@nt.gov.au

Location:  Webinar

Target audience:  All Welcome

Arts Law Centre of Australia presents

2015 Free Webinar Series

Copyright or Wrong? Copyright basics for artists

Do you create original artworks, text or songs? Do you ever use other’s material in your own or want to give permission to others to use yours? Come along to this introducto¬ry free copyright webinar in which we explain the basics of copyright protection. No prior copyright knowledge required, and we promise to break it into easy to chew bits!

Sessions: Monday 4th May 6pm AEST & Thursday 21st May 11am AEST

Etsians and e-commerce: A guide to selling your work on Etsy

Are you one of the 1.4 million active sellers on Etsy, one of the world’s largest e-com¬merce sites? Etsy has become a popular marketplace for independent artists who want to sell their handmade products and crafts around the world. This session is for visual artists, craftspeople and jewellers who want to know how to protect their work online and what to know about the terms and conditions of using the site.

Sessions: Thursday 7th May 11am AEST & Monday 6th July 6pm AEST


Are you a writer using e-publishing to get out there? This free webinar on the topic of e-publishing will take you through some of the key terms to look out for in. e-publishing agreements and explain how copyright and e-publishing works. Not to be missed for authors and those working online to distribute their work.

Sessions: Monday 11th May 4pm AEST & Monday 15th June 11am

In the Frame: Legal Issues for Filmmakers

Creating a film is a collaborative effort. So in order to market and distribute your film, be it online, the big screen or in film festivals, the legal rights of all those who contrib¬ute to your film need to be considered. This webinar will explain the copyright basics all filmmakers need to know and how to clear rights and obtain licences to establish a strong chain of title for your film.

Sessions: Thursday 14th May 11am AEST & Monday 22nd June 6pm AEST

Public Art Commissions

Have you been commissioned by a council, government authority or property devel¬oper to create a public artwork? Or do you work for a public authority or developer wanting to commission an artwork? Did your eyes glaze over at the 20 page contract? Do you understand the insurance issues? Was the artwork successfully completed and installed? This session covers some of the basic legal issues which arise in public art¬work commissions including common terms and conditions, and likely problems.

Sessions: Monday 18th May 6pm AEST & Thursday 2nd July 11am AEST

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