Christine Doran

PhD in History, B. Education-B. Arts (Hons), B. Economics

Senior Lecturer, History and Political Science

Dr Christine Doran is Senior Lecturer in History and Political Science in the School of Creative Arts and Humanities. She lectures mainly on Southeast Asian and Australian history.

Educated in Townsville, Dr Doran received First Class Honours in History and subsequently completed a PhD in History at James Cook University. Following up her abiding interest in Economics, she later completed a degree in economics at LaTrobe University, received two university prizes in macroeconomics, and was employed in an economics think tank at Monash University.

Dr Doran has published monographs on the history of the separation movement in north Queensland, the development of electricity supply in north Queensland, and the Country Women’s Association in the Northern Territory.

In addition to editing two volumes on Australian and Indonesian politics, she has published widely on Southeast Asian history and politics in edited collections and in journals such as Nations and Nationalism, Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs, Asia Pacific Viewpoint, Gender, Technology and Development and Sojourn. For example, she has recently published several articles on the political objectives and strategies of Chinese intellectuals in colonial Singapore at the beginning of the twentieth century.


  • Southeast Asian history
  • Australian History 

Current supervision

  • PhD Kathleen Harry, The Brunei Rebellion of 1962
  • PhD Jan-Maree Herivel, James Scott, Country Trader in the East Indies 

Postgraduate Completions (as Principal Supervisor)

Doctor of Philosophy

2012 Robyn Smith, Arcadian Populism: the Country Liberal Party and Self-Government in the Northern Territory.

2010 Ariati Ni Wayan Pasek, The Journey of the Goddess Durga: India, Java and Bali.

2009 Azmah Abdul Manaf, Islam and Politics in Terengganu 1942-1973.

2004 Steven Farram, From “Timor Koepang” to Timor NTT: A Political History of West Timor, 1901-1967.

Master of Arts

2003 Lucretia Prang, Breaking New Ground: Observations on the Social Position of Women among the Sasak in Lombok.

2000 Martin Andrew, The Singapore Police Force 1918-1938.


Current research

  • Somerset Maugham's non-fiction and fiction of Southeast Asia
  • Intellectual history of Singapore, 1890-1920
  • Representations of Borneo in Western literature

Research interests

  • History of the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
  • History of women during the colonial period in Southeast Asia
  • Gender policies in contemporary Southeast Asia 

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Selected Publications


Doran, C, Separatism in Townsville, 1884-94: "We Should Govern Ourselves", James Cook University, Townsville, 1981.
Doran, C, Partner in Progress: A History of Electricity Supply in North Queensland from 1897 to 1987, James Cook University, Townsville, 1990.
Doran, C, Women in Isolation: A History of the CWA in the Northern Territory, CWA of the Northern Territory, Darwin, 1992.

Edited Books

Doran, C (ed), Indonesian Politics: A Reader, Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, James Cook University, Townsville, 1987.
Christine Doran (ed) (with S.R. Davis), Quangos: The Problem of Accountability, Centre of Policy Studies, Monash University, Melbourne, 1982.

Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Published Papers

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Christine Doran


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