Professor Les McCrimmon


Degrees and appointments

  • LLB, University of Alberta (1982)
  • LLM (by research), University of Queensland (1988)
  • National Institute for Trial Advocacy - Diplomas in Teaching Advocacy Skills; Trial Advocacy Skills; and Negotiation Skills
  • Mediation Certificate (Bond Dispute Resolution Centre, 2011)
  • Professor of Law, Charles Darwin University
  • Formerly, Full-time Commissioner of the Australian Law Reform Commission
  • Deputy President of the Northern Territory Law Reform Committee
  • Member of the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • Member of the Northern Territory Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal
  • Fellow and member of the Board of Directors of the Australian Academy of Law
  • Formerly member of the Northern Territory Legal Practitioners Admission Board
  • Formerly one of four members of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) Expert Uniform Evidence Act Reference Group
  • Recognised expertise in privacy, evidence law and practice, real property, legal education
  • Six years as a member of the International Steering Committee of the Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE)
  • Trained mediator

Professional qualifications

Barrister and Solicitor in Alberta, Canada (1983 - 1990)
Barrister and Solicitor Northern Territory, New South Wales and the High Court of Australia

Les has a wide-ranging practice with a focus on civil litigation.

Teaching experience

Les has taught a range of subject in law schools across Australia, including property law, privacy, torts, evidence, advocacy, evidence and civil procedure. He has held a number of senior academic positions, including Head of School and Pro-Vice Chancellor.

Selected publications

  • Real Property Law in Queensland (4th ed, Law Book Co, 2015) with A Wallace and M Weir
  • Fundamentals of Trial Technique, 3rd Australian Edition (Thomson Reuters, 2011) with T Mauet
  • Reform, regulation and risk: the internationalisation of legislation and legal policy in M Hiscock, W Van Caenegem (eds), The Internationalisation of Law: Legislating, Decision- Making, Practice and Education (Edward Elgar, 2010), 55–70.
  • Justice Education, Law Reform and the Clinical Method in F Bloch (ed) The Global Clinical Movement: Educating Lawyers for Social Justice (OUP, 2010, with E Santow) 211–224.
  • Whose Land is it Anyway? Adverse Possession and Torrens Title in Torrens in the Twenty-First Century (LexisNexis NZ Ltd, 2003) 157–176
  • Compellability and Unavailability under the Uniform Evidence Act: The interaction between sections 18 and 65 (2015) NTLJ (forthcoming)
  • The Uniform Evidence Act and the Anunga Guidelines: Accommodation or annihilation? (2011) 2 NTLJ 91-110
  • Reviewing the Evidence Act 1995: Some emerging themes (2005) 86 Reform 63–66 (with B Alston)
  • Mandating a Culture of Service: Pro Bono in the Law School Curriculum (2003-2004) 14 Legal Ed Rev 53–76
  • Challenging a Potential Juror for Cause: Resuscitation or Requiem? (2000) 23 UNSWLJ 127–146
  • Gametes, Embryos and the Life in Being: The Impact of Reproductive Technology on the Rule Against Perpetuities (2000) 34 Real Prop, Probate and Trusts Jour 697–720
  • Teaching Trial Advocacy: Inviting the Thespian into Blackstone's Tower (1999) 33 Law Teacher 31–49

Courses currently taught

LWZ316 Evidence

Les McCrimmon


T: 08 8946 7467

Yellow 1, Level 3, Room 51
Charles Darwin University
Darwin NT 0909