Amy Yu-Vatskalis


Lecturer in Chinese Studies
Coordinator China In-Country Study Program

Amy Yu-Vatskalis graduated from the College of Foreign Languages, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou, Fujian in 1989 -- majoring in English for the Bachelor of Arts. In 2002, she completed graduate studies in Chinese literature and art at the Chinese Institute of the Fujian Normal University.

During 2006-2007, she was seconded to the Northern Arizona University, USA, in an exchange program, to teach Chinese at the Department of Modern Languages.

In 2012 she was seconded by Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters China) to the Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NT, Australia as the Chinese lecturer at the School of Creative Arts & Humanities and she is now continuing as a Chinese lecturer with CDU.

Research Area

Teaching English/Chinese as a Second Language  

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Amy Yu-Vatskalis


T: 08 8946 7736

Casuarina Campus
Building Orange 6, Level 3, Room 2