Honorary Appointments

Welcome from PVC LEBA, Professor Peter Kell

Professor Peter KellThe Faculty of Law, Education, Business and Arts (LEBA) has a growing and energetic group of adjuncts that contribute to the research, teaching and community profile of Charles Darwin University. Our adjuncts are all honorary appointments who bring a diverse range of experience, expertise and enthusiasm for scholarship, inquiry and its application in the various disciplines in LEBA.

LEBA adjuncts are involved in a range of activities both with the schools and research institutes that make up LEBA as well as the faculty and the university. Their expertise and experience complements the work of our staff and brings added depth to the work of the faculty.

We value the work of all our honorary appointments and have instituted a LEBA adjuncts program which schedules regular activities to build a community of adjuncts.

The events planned during the year for the LEBA Honorary Appointees are designed for appointees to:

  • be involved in Faculty projects, programs and activities
  • contribute to the university community and bring ideas and opportunities that you see as important
  • identify areas that could enhance your role network


Joint Faculty (EHSE and LEBA) pre-graduation function May 2017


PVC LEBA meets with LEBA Adjuncts - Melbourne and Canberra


November 13 and 14 Symposium: Challenges in the Future for Law, Education, Business and Arts
August 21 Meeting: Challenges for the Future for Law, Education, Business and Arts


November 14 and 15 Symposium: New Futures for studies in society, business, the arts and learning