Dr Naomi Malouf

Senior Lecturer, Nursing

I am a dynamic, interested and interesting nursing researcher, teacher and scholar who has a wide interest in the process of how people learn. Initially using newly graduated nurses as the exemplar of "transition to practice", I have used my doctoral research to prepare third year students to think critically about themselves and their workplace decisions.

I feel strongly about students guiding the learning process and look to empower both international and domestic cohorts to work collaboratively with their school, rather than learning being a didactic process of the expert imparting knowledge to the neophyte. The practice of our profession is changing so quickly in response to advances in nursing knowledge and I believe that supporting students to think and behave critically in the provision of care is more advantageous than telling them what to think in a rigid prescriptive form. This will result in a more confident and capable workforce – an outcome that I am eager to see more apparent in current practice.

Of substantial interest to me is my professional development role with “clinical facilitators”. While most tertiary nursing schools utilise hospital clinical experiences widely, few examine whether clinical facilitators have the necessary tools to effectively support and assess students in the clinical environment. Although employed for their clinical expertise and understanding of specific clinical contexts, facilitators are expected to have an understanding of experiential learning, how it informs the undergraduate curriculum and be able to support the development of beginning practice nurses as they learn to apply theoretical concepts to the increasingly complex realm of patient care. Particularly at risk of being assessed less optimally is the international student, given the complexities of their enrolment.

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Dr Naomi Malouf


T: +61 8 8946 7695
E: naomi.malouf@cdu.edu.au

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