Jessie Anderson | Charles Darwin University

Lecturer in Nursing

I have a passion for emergency and critical care nursing, recognition of the deteriorating patient, medication safety, critical thinking, clinical simulation, clinical education as well as and educational theory and research.  I have been an Emergency Nurse since 2007 and a higher education teacher since 2008.  I have recently moved from Adelaide to Alice Springs and I am enjoying my new life in the Northern Territory.

I teach because I love the profession of nursing and have a passion for improving the quality of nursing practice.  I love to explain and define critical thinking and evidence based practice.  I enjoy seeing the ‘light-bulb’ moment when someone understands a complex concept for the first time.  I have had many inspirational teachers throughout my life and I never underestimate their importance.

I am very approachable and always happy to discuss concepts and explain difficult ideas.  I love clinical education especially and love to share my passion for research and evidence based practice.

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Academic Biography

Academic and professional qualifications

I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies and English Literature at Flinders University of South Australia in 1999.  Following that I lived overseas for a number of years and it was there that I developed the idea that I would like to be a nurse.  On my return to Australia I completed my Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Tasmania in 2006.  In 2007 I returned to South Australia and completed both my Graduate Program at Flinders Medical Centre and my Honours in Nursing at Flinders University.  After 3 years as an Emergency Nurse I completed my Masters in Emergency Nursing in 2010 at Flinders University.  I am looking forward to continuing my postgraduate studies in the future. 

Previous Employment

I have taught undergraduate nursing at Flinders University from  2009-2014, as well as working from 2007 – 2014 as a Registered Nurse at Flinders Medical Centre Emergency Department and a short period at Alice Springs Hospital Emergency Department before moving to Charles Darwin University’s School of Health in 2015. 

Teaching & Research Supervision

Why study Nursing?

Nursing is an exciting and ever changing profession that provides graduates with opportunities in all areas, both geographical and professional I am passionate about all areas of nursing – particularly Critical Care and Emergency, Research and Evidence Based Practice, and Nursing Educational theory.

Undergraduate field of teaching

Clinical nursing units, postgraduate emergency or critical care, care of the deteriorating patient.

Research Expertise

Research expertise

My honours thesis in Nursing looked at Discourses surrounding the role of the Rural and Remote Nurse Practitioners in South Australia.  Following its acceptance I presented papers for the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners and the Royal College of Nursing’s National conferences.

Current Works in Progress - Refereed Journal Articles

I am excited at the chance to join Charles Darwin University and become involved in research and the dissemination of the same.  I am currently working on a presentation to the Council of Remote Area Nurses Australia (CRANAplus) conference to be held in Alice Springs in October.

Engagement and Knowledge Exchange

Projects and initiatives

I am currently working as the lead author on a presentation for the CRANAplus conference in Alice Springs in October.  I am also a member of a consultative group providing feedback and input to a team developing a toolkit for teaching first year units.  I am a member of the Central Australian Health Service Research Forum and try to maintain links with the industry wherever possible.

Awards, Honours & Distinctions

Prizes and awards

In 2004 I was awarded the Mount Nelson Award by the University of Tasmania Students Association, awarded annually to a student who displays outstanding personal qualities and skills in university and community life, reflecting the potential for achievement in future professional and social endeavors.  In each of the years of my Bachelor of Nursing degree I was placed on the Dean’s role of Excellence for the Faculty of Health Science at University of Tasmania.  In 2007 I received a Faculty of Health Science Scholarship to complete my Honours degree and in 2008 I received the Flinders University’s Chancellor’s Letter of Commendation for my First Class Honours.



Brown 15, Level 2
Alice Springs campus