Dr Darius Pfitzner

BIB, BCompSci, MIT, PhD

Senior Lecturer Business
Chair Teaching and Learning Committee

Dr Darius Pfitzner is a longstanding and well-respected member of the CDU Business School.  He is currently a Senior Lecturer and Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee (T&L). Alongside of the important task of teaching postgraduate and undergraduate units he is currently the lead in the redevelopment and accreditation of the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Masters of Business Administration Professional Practice (MBAPP).

Darius is passionate about applied business practice which has seen him, over the last 25 years, owning and selling several successful businesses.

Darius applies his business experience and academic training by bringing leading edge concept and real-world perspectives when teaching units such as operations management, human resource management, e-commerce and organisational behaviour.  With a positive supporting attitude, Darius encourages students to acquire and maintain a life-long approach to learning and personal development.

Darius' experience and qualifications in both business and information technologies has had a significant impact on the success, direction and management of the Business School since 2011.  This has seen Darius taking the lead on several significant projects such as the Evolve project, the opening of the Sydney campus, the first third-party delivery arrangement, Vocational Education and Training (VET) to Higher Education (HE) pathways development project, and the reaccreditation of the BCom and MBA in 2013.

  • Evolve Project - Darius led the Evolve Project that saw all 86 units/topics delivered by the CDU Business School completely redeveloped.  The Evolve project is an innovative, flexible, student centred, system of coursework delivery that utilises leading edge technologies.  Evolve provides a contemporary, cost-effective means for CDU to grow its student intake.
  • First CDU campus in another state - Darius led the planning and subsequent successful deployment of the first CDU Sydney campus.  He successfully operationalised the approved business plan which included leading and directing the development of the legal relationship agreement, designing and deploying quality assurance and operational systems that ensured the quality of programs to be offered at the Sydney campus.  The model and experience from this first campus subsequently brought upon the opening of a third campus in Melbourne.
  • Third-party delivery arrangement - The successful experience from the first campus deployment now sees the Business School with a successful campus in Sydney and a successful third-party delivery arrangement in Melbourne.  Darius was a significant part of the team that planned, developed and negotiated the third party delivery arrangement with the Australian Technical and Management College (ATMC).  This successful arrangement is achieving large cohorts of undergraduate and postgraduate students completing their study of the school courses at two well-equipped campuses in Melbourne.
  • VET to HE credit pathways - During 2012 - 2013, Darius was responsible for working with VET to develop and map credible pathways that would appropriately maximise the credit VET students can gain for learning already undertaken when enrolling in higher education courses.
  • Accreditation - The first successful delivery of the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Accounting and Masters of Business Administration was realised in the second semester in 2012.  This success has led to projections indicating a rapid expansion of students above all projections for the first three years since deployment.

Darius has in the past and continues to significantly contribute to the CDU Business School's planning, development and deployment of flexible online courses that use pedagogically sound student-centred techniques.  The evidence of success is in the School's delivery of units using synchronous and asynchronous student workshop technologies to deliver equal learning experiences to external and internal students across four different campuses.  This is further supported by the delivery of materials using technologies that support students with hearing and vision impairments.

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Professional Development

Charles Darwin University

  • The five standard development course required of new academics by CDU - 2010
  • Equal employment opportunity rights and responsibilities - 2012
  • Federal and state anti-discrimination laws - 2012
  • Grounds of discrimination and harassment - 2012
  • Direct and indirect discrimination - 2012
  • Sexual harassment, workplace harassment, inappropriate relationships and bullying - 2012
  • Making complaints of discrimination and harassment - 2012
  • Equal employment opportunity responsibilities of Managers and Supervisors - 2012
  • Strategies for implementing EEO at work - 2012
  • Liability for discrimination and harassment including taking reasonable steps to prevent it occurring - 2012
  • Reasonable adjustment for people with disabilities - 2012
  • Reasonable adjustment for people with carers' responsibilities - 2012
  • Principles for managing complaints of discrimination and harassment - 2012

Flinders University

  • Practical Conflict Prevention 21-Oct-2009
  • Emerging Technologies User Group (ETUG) 30-Sep-2009
  • Teaching First Year and First Level Students 05-Aug-2009
  • Flinders Foundation of University Teaching (FFOUT) 2009
  • Recruitment and Selection Workshop 12-Mar-2009
  • Managing the Work Environment 10-Mar-2009
  • Fair Treatment and Equal Opportunity in the Workplace 05-Mar-2009
  • Equal Opportunity Information Session 02-Mar-2009
  • Flinders University - Executive Leadership Program - 2000

Small Business Corporation - Small Business Development Course 1993
Results Corporation - The 'E Myth' Seminars by Michael E. Gerber 1992
Image Makers - Sales and Marketing Techniques 1992
Results Corporation - Breakthrough Writing Seminar by Paul Dunn 1991
Royal Australian Navy - Dual trade (Aircraft Engines and Airframes) - 1982 to 1985

Professional Experience

Professional and executive experience

  • Senior Lecturer of Management (Charles Darwin University) - 2013 to date
  • Theme Leader for Economics (Charles Darwin University) - 2013 to 2015
  • Owner/Developer/Operator (Territory Fudge) – 2012 to date
  • Academic and Project Manager (Charles Darwin University) - 2011 to 2013
  • Theme Leader for Information Technology (Charles Darwin University) - 2010 to 2011
  • Communications Officer for CSEM (Flinders University) – 2009 to 2010
  • Lecturer/Tutor/Supervisor (Flinders University) – 2002 to 2009
  • Partner/Manager (Aussie Marketing Enterprises – International Marketing) - 1993 to 1998
  • Manager/Developer (Grannies Macadamia Kitchens) - 1996 to 1997
  • Owner Developer Operator (ADDIT Renovation Supplies) – 1992 to 1996
  • Dual-Trade Aircraft Engineer (Royal Australian Navy) 1982 to 1990

Academic & recent professional experience

Charles Darwin University

School of Business

Senior Lecturer of Business – February 2011 to date
Chair of the T&L Committee for the School of Business – October 2012 to date
Associate Professor of Business – January 2011 to 2014

School of Engineering and Information technology

Discipline for Information Technology – 2010

  • All the responsibilities that go with managing a theme under a head of school with little insight into the field of Information technology.

Teaching & Learning - 2010

  • Developed a new academic staff guide which outlined what is good practice in teaching IT and how this translates into practice under the current school and CDU policy.

Lecturing – 2010

  • Web Database (HIT325) – Lecturing, workshop and unit coordination
  • Application Concepts (HIT125) – Lecture and workshop support.

Course Development – 2010

  • Bachelor of Information Technology Cooperative (BIT COOP) -Successfully developed the proposal of the new degree including its accreditation.
  • Master of Information Technology (MIT) - Developed a new Masters degree including its accreditation.
  • Developed a proposal for the restructure of the BIT3 (3 streams) to a deeper Bit2 (2 streams).

Flinders University Australia

School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics

Communications Officer – January 2009 to January 2010
Lecturing – 2005 to 2010
Tutor/Demonstrator/Grader - February 2002 to 2009
Supervisor/Teaching Assistant – 2004 to 2008


Research interests

  • Economic impact of local government support on local market economies.
  • The relevance of control systems to the successful development of small to medium organisations and impacts of governance, both self-imposed and law, on small to medium organisations.
  • Improving the outcome of any learning task through the appropriate use of online technologies and appropriate tele-presence technologies.
  • Improved business performance through the practical application of automated and manual information systems.
  • HCI (Human Computer Interaction), Learning through interactive task, teaching using interactive autonomous agents, modelling aspects of human cognition during interactive tasks, skill acquisition in HCI, cognitive load management during search tasks, artificial Intelligence.

Current research/consultancies

Recently completed -Northern Territory coordinator of the National project titled AusTalk (https://austalk.edu.au).  CDU has received $21,900 for its role in this project.
AusTalk's goal is a National project targeting the development of a visual and audio database of spoken Australian English.  The project's goal was to collect 1000 samples of spoken Australian English, from adults of all ages,  at 15 different locations across Australia.  The samples  represented a visual and audio snapshot of the linguistic diversity of Australian English from different regional and social groups,  including Australian Aboriginal English.

Research student supervision (/Masters/Honours)

Charles Darwin University
Associate Supervisor for Adam Magro, a PhD student reading in the field of Economics Publications


Book publications

[Pfit10a] Darius Pfitzner (2010), An Investigation into User Text Query and Text Descriptor Construction, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing Ag & Co Kg, 05/10/2010, 332p, ISBN: 978-3-8383-5760-7.

Journal publications

[Steve16a] Catherine Joanna Stevens, PhD; Bronwyn Pinchbeck; Trent Lewis; Martin Luerssen; Darius Pfitzner; David M. W. Powers; Arman Abrahamyan; Yvonne Leung; Guillaume Gibert, (2016) Mimicry and expressiveness of an ECA in human-agent interaction: Familiarity breeds content!, Computational Cognitive Science, Vol. 2-2, DOI: 10.1186/s40469-016-0008-2.

[Band12a] Susan Bandias, Don Fulller and Darius Pfitzner, (2012) Vocational and Higher Education in Australia: A Need for Closer Collaboration. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management. Vol. 3:6.

[Band12b] Susan Bandias, Don Fulller, Darius Pfitzner and Whitnel (2012) Gender Pay Equity - Myth or Reality? A Review of the Literature. Gender in Management an International Journal (submitted August 2012 and under review)

[Band11a] Susan Bandias, Don Fuller and Darius Pfitzner (2011) Vocational and Higher Education in Australia: A Need for Closer Collaboration, Journal of Vocational Education & Training, Routledge.

[Pfit08b] Darius Pfitzner, Kenneth Treharne and David M. W. Powers, (2008) User Keyword Preference: the Nwords and Rwords Experiments, International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology: Special Issue on Intelligent Internet-based Systems: Emerging Technologies and Programming Techniques.

[Pfit08a] Darius M Pfitzner, Richard E Leibbrandt and David MW Powers (2008) Characterization and Evaluation of Similarity Measures for Pairs of Clusterings, Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal (KAIS).

Conference publications

[Treh08] Kenneth Treharne, Darius Pfitzner, Richard Leibbrandt and David M. W. Powers (2008), A Lean Online Approach to Human Factors Research, 1st International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA) workshop on “Pervasive Technologies in e/m-Learning and Internet based Experiments” (PTLIE), July 15-19, 2008, Athens Greece.

[Powe08A] David Powers, Richard Leibbrandt, Darius Pfitzner, Martin Luerssen, Trent Lewis, Kate Stevens, Arman Abrahamyan, (2008). Language Teaching in a Mixed Reality Games Environment. The 1st International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA) Workshop on Gaming Design and Experience: Design for Engaging Experience and Social Interaction
[Burn08] Denis Burnham, Arman Abrahamyan, Lawrence Cavedon, Chris Davis, Andrew Hodgins, Jeesun Kim, Christian Kroos, Takaaki Kuratate, Trent W. Lewis, Martin H. Luerssen, Garth Paine, David M. W. Powers, Marcia Riley, Stelarc, Kate Stevens: From talking to thinking heads: report 2008. AVSP 2008: 127-130

[Pfit07b]* Darius Pfitzner, Kenneth Treharne and David M. W. Powers (2007), Cognitive Load in Text Search: the Nwords and Rwords Surveys, Joint HCSNet-HxI Workshop on Human Issues in Interaction and Interactive Interfaces, 13-14 September 2007, Australian Technology Park, Sydney, Abstract.

[Pfit07a] Darius Pfitzner, Kenneth Treharne and David M. W. Powers (2007), Cognitive load in text search: The Nwords and Rwords surveys, Australian Society for Cognitive Science Conference, July 9-11, 2007, Abstract.

[Treh07a] Kenneth Treharne, Darius Pfitzner and David M. W. Powers (2007), The versatile role of motion in visualisation, Australian Society for Cognitive Science Conference, July 9-11, 2007, Abstract.

[Shil07] Shillabeer, A. and Pfitzner, D. (2007). Determining Pattern Element Contribution in Medical Datasets. Proc. Australasian Workshop on Health Knowledge Management and Discovery (HKMD 2007), Ballarat, Australia. CRPIT, 68. ACS. http://crpit.com/confpapers/CRPITV68Shillabeer.pdf.

[Pfit02a] Darius Pfitzner, Vaughan Hobbs and David Powers (2002), A unified taxonomic framework for information visualization. pp.57-66, Proc.Australian Symposium on Information Visualization, Adelaide, February 2003.

[Powe03b] David M. W. Powers and Darius Pfitzner (2003). The Magic Science of Visualization. International Conference on Cognitive Science, University of New South Wales, July 2003, pp535-540. http://david.wardpowers.info/ Research/AI/papers/200302-ICCS-MagiVis.pdf



  • Australian Post-Doctoral Scholarship, 2004-2008
  • Vice Chancellor's Commendation, 2003

Boards/Committee positions

  • Elected Development Officer of the Mindil Beach Sunset Market Association’s management committee (second elected term from 2016)
  • Chair of the School of Business’s T&L Committee
  • Member of the LEBA Faculty’s T&L Committee
  • Member of the CDU Learnline Steering Group
  • Elected President of the NT Division of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)
  • Secretary of the Computer Human Interaction Special Interest Group (CHISIG).
  • Elected member of the NT Branch Executive of the Australian Computer Society (ACS)
  • School representative on the LEBA Faculty Board
  • Member of the CDU Waterfront Committee
  • Member of the Waterfront Academic Subcommittee
  • Member of the VET-HE Nexus AUQA board
  • CDU representative on the Australian Council of Deans of Information Communications Technologies (ACDICT)
  • Invited member of the ACDICT Academy Executive
  • Elected member of the executive of the NT ICT Industry Development Group (IDG)
Dr Darius Pfitzner


T: 08 8946 8831
E: darius.pfitzner@cdu.edu.au

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