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The Heat Stress Research Partnership (HSRP) is an industry-research collaboration formed in response to the profound impact of heat stress in northern Australia’s monsoon tropics. Our objective is to support appropriate heat stress management practices for hot and humid conditions, with a focus on the labour-intensive outdoor workforce.



  • “Heat Stress, Alcohol Use and Economic Participation Among Labour-intensive Workers in Tropical Conditions”, commissioned by Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch, NT Department of Health.

  • Scoping Study for Department of Defence, Joint Force Analysis – Preparedness and Mobilisation, “Implications of heat stress for Australian Defence preparedness and operations under current and future climatic conditions”.

  • Homes, Heatwaves and Health project, funded by Energy Consumers Australia, conducted by the Centre for Urban Research (RMIT). Including briefing paper on “Electricity pricing, heatwaves and household vulnerability in Australia.”

  • 2015/16 and 2016/17 heat stress survey of workers from across the Monsoonal North, focusing on ‘Build-Up’ conditions and symptoms.

  • Heat Stress Management Tool smartphone application prototype development, due for completion October 2017.


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