CRC for Remote Economic Participation

The Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation (CRC-REP) is focused on delivering solutions to the economic disadvantage that affects remote Australia. Through their research, CRC-REP provides practical responses to the complex issues that can restrict full economic participation.


Ninti One LogoAs an Essential Participant in the CRC, Charles Darwin University takes part in work across the CRC-REP and contributes to planning and other core activities. CDU contributes both financially and in-kind to the work of the CRC-REP. Within the Northern Institute, a number of key projects are specifically supported, including

  • Remote Education Systems aims to find out how remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities can get the best benefit from the teaching and learning happening in and out of schools by engaging with members of the communities, schools, government agencies and other end users to find ways of improving outcomes for students in remote Australia.
  • Population Mobility and Labour Markets will improve remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's social, health and economic opportunities by facilitating improved planning and decision making by remote communities, service providers, policy makers and employers.
  • Interplay Between Health, Wellbeing, Education and Employment projects is establishing an evidence base that will provide policy makers and businesses with an objective measure of the complex inter-relationships between health, wellbeing, education and economic participation and the role of culture, community and empowerment.

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