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Menzies-CDU collaboration support scheme

  • Our NRF CRN researchers were successful in obtaining the Menzies-CDU collaboration support scheme and won $125,000 to develop projects in partnership in gambling research and heat stress research in northern and central Australia.

Master of Public Policy

  • An additional outcome of the NRF CRN draws on NRF institutional partnerships and research developed to design a Master of Public Policy program with a unique focus on public policy in the northern contexts. The program uses a research capstone thesis to develop future policy research. It utilises policy research projects relating to NRF CRN themes with potential for student to undertake HDR studies in the future. The NRF CRN members are heavily involved in the development process of this program and create a way to engage stakeholders in research partnerships and provide pathways for future research development.

Intensive Academic Writing Workshop

  • CRN Research Leader Professor Linda Rosenman and CDU’s Special Projects Writer Ms Jane Hampson, led a week-long intensive academic writing workshop for post-graduate students and early career researchers in February. From over 400 applicants a group of 18 participants were selected, comprising post-graduate students and early career researchers from CDU and CRN partners, ANU and JCU. The participants’ final feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with some rating it as the best week of their HDR candidature.

Strategic Meeting and Writing Workshop

  • The CDU and JCU teams held a week long Strategic Meeting and Writing Workshops on 19-23 January 2015. Two days were dedicated to strategic meetings and the remainder of the time were dedicated to writing chapters for CRN and NI publications on theoretical governance challenges for northern Australia. One of the workshops held on Governance Strategy has bought extended members of NI together with CRN-NRF forming a new group dedicated to research and learning around governance in the northern Australian context.



The CRN has been working hard since the end of 2011 to establish a research team with significant experience and expertise. Since then, research and capacity-building activities of the NRF CRN have developed into a series of research themes that simultaneously build on existing projects while& extending previous work across social and nature-based disciplines.


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