Karrabing Film Collective Screenings - Friday 10 November 4.00pm


The Karrabing Film Collective returns from their screening tours of the Tate Modern London and Pompidou Paris for a special showing of their two latest celebrated films, The Jealous One (2017) and Night Time Go (2017). The Karrabing Film Collective is the winner of the European 2015 Visible Award and the Cinema Nova Best Short Fiction Film at the Melbourne International Film Festival. 

Northern Institute is proud to bring you two new films from the Karrabing Film Collective

'The Jealous One' and 'Night Time Go' 


The Jealous One (29 min)

The Jealous One unfolds along two plot lines that meet in a dramatic final encounter: the first, a story of an Indigenous man weaving through bureaucratic red tape to get to a mortuary service on his ancestral land; and the second, a fight between a husband consumed by jealousy and his wife’s brother, who excludes him from community ceremonies.

The Jealous One


Night Time Go (30 min)

Night Time Go is an exploration of the Australian settler state’s attempt to remove Indigenous people from their lands during the Second World War, and the refusal of the Karrabing ancestors to be detained. The film begins by hewing closely to the actual historical details of a group that escaped from an internment camp in 1943, but slowly turns to an alternative history in which the group inspires a general Indigenous insurrection that drives out settlers from the Top End of Australia.

Night Time Go



WHEN: Friday 10 November 2017

TIME: 4.00pm - 5.30pm

WHERE: Northern Institute (Yellow 1) Charles Darwin University. See Campus Map

-These films contain strong language-

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