2018 Alan Walker Child Health Lecture Series

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Presenter:  Menzies School of Health Research in collaboration with the Department of Paediatrics, Royal Darwin Hospital

Date: Aug 17, 2018 to Aug 18, 2018

Time: 8:00am to 4:00pm

Contact person:  Menzies Communications Team
T: 08 8946 8658
E: communications@menzies.edu.au

Location:  Auditorium | John Mathews Building (Bldg 58), Royal Darwin Hospital Campus (view map)

Presenters: Dr Howard Bath & Dr Charles Kilburn

Title: Children at risk: early interventions to improve long-term outcomes

Cost: Friday only - $100, Saturday only - $100, Two days - $180
Group booking price – book four two-day tickets and pay for three

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Abstract: The Alan Walker Child Health Lecture Series aims to provide an update on important health topics relevant to Indigenous children and youth in the Northern Territory. This year there will also be a focus on children at risk. The series honours the deep and influential contribution of the late Professor Alan Walker to Indigenous Child Health in the Top End.

The Alan Walker series is aimed at educating and supporting doctors, nurses and health workers in the region and also targets a broad audience of service providers and policy-makers.

Content will be specific to child health issues and will be suitable for:

  • Those with experience of child health issues at the individual, community, clinical and population health level
  • Those who wish to refresh their knowledge in child health issues


Dr Howard Bath is a Clinical Psychologist with a long career working with children and young people in the child welfare, youth justice and mental health systems. Dr Howard was the inaugural Children’s Commissioner in the Northern Territory from 2008-15 with a mission to ensure the wellbeing of vulnerable children eligible for governmental support services. He currently provides a range of consultancy and training services across Australia and internationally, focusing on the impacts of severe adversity, interventions that promote of healing and growth, and the processes of organisational change.

Dr Charles Kilburn is a Pediatrician and the Top End’s paediatric cardiology expert. His contribution to the care of children with congenital and rheumatic heart disease has been enormous. In 2002, Dr Kilburn was appointed Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. His introduction of new technologies and ventilation strategies were consistent with the best available in Australia. From 2007, Dr Kilburn has been the Co-Director of the Division of Maternal and Child Health.

After 25 years, Dr Kilburn is still (unofficially) second on call for any paediatric emergency at the hospital. Charles is equally at home promoting public health initiatives in remote Aboriginal communities. Families, clinic staff, and colleagues love the commitment of ‘Dr Charles’- a balanda role model for all Australians.

Guest lecturers will deliver specific topics covering a range of important clinical issues relevant to children at risk.

For more information, contact Dr Peter Wallis (RDH) or Dr Gabrielle McCallum (Menzies)

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