BushPi: Hardware and software for creating and delivering digital content in off-grid communities

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Presenter:  Professor Steven Bird & Mat Bettinson Contemporary Indigenous Knowledge and Governance Research Team Northern Institute

Date: May 23, 2019; May 24, 2019;

Time: 11:00am

Contact person:  Steven Bird
T: 08 8946 6153
E: steven.bird@cdu.edu.au

Location:  Yellow 1.2.48, Savanna Room, Northern Institute, Casuarina Campus

Steven and Matt are developing and testing new technology in places with no network access. Community members use mobile devices connected to our battery-powered off-grid router to access local web apps. Their apps are designed for collecting and consuming images and associated talk, connected with our ARC project "Learning English and Aboriginal Languages for Work", in collaboration with Warddeken Land Management in West Arnhem. However, the platform could be used for many other purposes in remote work. Steven and Matt will demonstrate the technology and invite discussion of other possible applications.

This will be an informal presentation and conversation.