Confirmation of Candidature - Lee-Anne Daffy

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Presenter:  Lee-Anne Daffy, Doctor of Philiosophy, College of Indigenous Futures, Arts and Society, Charles Darwin University

Date: Jan 22, 2021

Time: 11:00am to 12:00pm

Contact person:  Cath Hood
T: 08 8946 7289

Location:  Savanna Room, Yellow 1.2.48 Casuarina Campus & Zoom

Hearing the whispers of many: Truth telling journeys of Aboriginal Australian women employed by the Australian Public Service through entry level programs.

Lee-Anne’s doctoral research will inform governments, the Australian Public Service, various departments and academia of the significance entry-level programs can have in changing the lives of Aboriginal Australian women. Using predominantly qualitative analysis, this study will explore the life journeys of other Aboriginal women of Australia employed in the Australian Public Service recruited through entry-level programs. Aboriginal Australian women have unique and specialised skill sets that can provide a more robust and highly skilled diversity within the workplace. This research will provide the factors that both support and hinder retention of this skilled cohort. Knowing that the Australian Public Service is seeing increased employment rates through entry- level programs yet still a wavering ability to retain Aboriginal staff, this research is important and will uncover a broader understanding of what works and doesn’t. It will explore the factors impacting line managers in their ability to support these women and it will highlight the merit of mentoring in the workplace as well. Using this more holistic approach to gather rich and in-depth data, the research is somewhat like painting a canvas; knowing each component provides part of the picture. It has implications for fundamental shifts in employment outcomes in a way that directly influences levels of self-determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and, in turn, future generations.

Lee-Anne’s mother’s family are Taungurung clan from central Victoria, one of the five groups from Kulin nation and her father’s family are from Irish/Scottish heritage. Winner of the La Trobe University Westgate Community Development award with her Social Work Honours thesis and also the Molly Dyer Indigenous writing award for her essay discussing the Social Work role in the Stolen Generations in 2003, Lee-Anne returned to study through an ARC RMIT and Koori Business Network scholarship in 2008- “Sharing the journeys of Indigenous Australian women entrepreneurs in Victoria”. After completing her Masters of Business Management thesis, Lee-Anne returned to the Department of Human Services (Fed) through the graduate program. She later co published a peer reviewed article about her work. Lee-Anne has been a specialist subject lecturer in the Social Work program at La Trobe University Bendigo, for Indigenous studies. She presented at the International Indigenous SW conference in 2015. In her social work role, Lee-Anne has presented at and been on several panels for the ‘in agency’ Social Work conferences. She facilitates a Cultural Responsiveness program to other social workers in Services Australia.

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