Confirmation of Candidature - Masters by research

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Presenter:  Yvette Martin

Date: Oct 15, 2018

Time: 10:00am to 11:00am

Contact person:  Office of Research and Innovation, CDU
T: +61 8 8946 7289

Location:  Nan Giese Gallery Space, Casuarina Campus, CDU

Confirmation of Candidature - Masters by research - What lies beneath: Metaphors for sustainability, artistic bodies in response to disaster


Inspired by Cyclone Marcus and other extreme weather events here in Darwin, this research aims to explore the human-nature relationship, particularly in location to an act of 'natural disaster'. Natural disaster has become a metaphor for aspects of this practice led research project, drawing links between our consumerist society and threatening weather conditions in the age of the Anthropocene and the 'first response'. Further, this research aims to uncover feminist and post structuralist analysis of loss, identity, and land use. Our cultural location in place is important within this, aiming to better understand the link between our geography and Identity as individuals and as a community. Sculpture, performance, ephemeral materials and documenting help to inform a visual language to mediate this.

Yvette Martin obtained a double degree in Visual art /Humanitarian and community studies from CDU and is incorporating her knowledge of both spheres into her current art practice. Also drawing on her experience working in the Darwin community space and other work places, with past experience in the marine industry, time spent on the board of Darwin Visual Arts Association, and a current volunteer for the Emergency Services Red Cross, Yvette is strongly drawn to diverse experiences and areas of research, often specific to the Territory. All of these help to inform her creative practice while juggling full time work and part time Masters studies in Visual Art. Yvette has been exhibiting since 2009 including active participation in Life After exhibitions from 2011- 2017 and CDU Postgraduate exhibition Spectacular Failures, 2018 Nan Giese Gallery.