Confirmation of Candidature - Digital Literacy in the Academic Environment: Exploring the Intersection question

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Presenter:  Carolyn Mison-Smith

Date: Sep 06, 2016

Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Contact person:  The LEBA Research and Postgraduate Office
T: 8946 6156

Location:  Orange 2.4.07

Abstract: International contributions to the discourse around concepts of digital literacy and capability provide insights for teaching and learning in the contemporary era. The discourse builds on traditional approaches to education recognising capabilities, knowledge and attitude as underpinning digital literacies for a new world. Two points of interest emerge from the literature. The first is an assumption that individuals entering higher education will have a functional-instrumental digital capability. This assumption has been contested and it opens a space to explore the experience of learners in light of digital literacy frameworks and concepts of a functional- transformative literacy spectrum. The second point of interest emerging from a range of identified international digital literacy frameworks is the portrait of learner as agent of their learning experience.

An examination of these aspects will provide insight to the affordances and constraints of teaching practice and learning scenarios on learner development of contemporary digital capabilities. It will spotlight how the individual establishes personal capabilities within the academic domain and may suggest new approaches to how self-efficacy might be achieved in terms of the academic digital experience.

The research focuses on the non-traditional entry student and, within the parameter of a qualitative-interpretive research design, explores the learner perspective on personal and academic digital literacy. It seeks insight to how the individual constructs an academic digital literacy, what this looks like to the individual and how it is perceived as a personal and sustainable learning capability.

Bio: Carolyn Mison-Smith is a PhD candidate with Charles Darwin University. Carolyn has worked in education for twenty years across a range of roles including teaching, policy, program development and management in Australian educational environments as well as Indonesia, South Korea and Singapore. From an early interest in the language and poetry of Indonesia, her studies expanded to embrace English language learning, open and distance education and, as a consequence of the latter, an interest in the experiences of learners engaging with digital technologies for learning.  Carolyn is a full-time teacher of computing for tertiary studies in the School of Academic Language and Learning at Charles Darwin University and studies part-time.