DIH Monthly Meetups – Third Thursday April with AI Darwin

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Presenter:  Darwin Innovation Hub (A Partnership between Paspalis, Charles Darwin University, NT Government & AusIndustry)

Date: Apr 19, 2018

Time: 4:30pm to 7:00pm

Contact person:  Darwin Innovation Hub
T: +61 (08) 8943 0600
E: http://darwininnovationhub.com.au/contact-darwin-innovation-hub/

Location:  Darwin Innovation Hub, Lvl 1, 48-50 Smith St Darwin, Northern Territory 0800 Australia

Make Your Business Reports Talk with AI Darwin

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been hammering our new stations for a good while now, and now it’s starting to change the face of how we’ve looked at our reports since forever.  With Natural Language and Q n A, we can now be exponential by delegating routine time consuming tasks to an AI.   Not keeping up with emails ?  Need someone to take minutes ?   Can’t afford to have someone man the visitor’s desk ?   Looking for foot traffic for your floor space ?  Now with Windows 10 Cortana you can now get instant answers to your important business questions.   Which means we are a sniff away from being able to talk to our reports in voice.  By integrating with Power BI, Microsoft’s pumped up Business Analytics eco-system, Cortana can retrieve key information directly from Power BI dashboards and reports, and drive your analytics by instruction.

Peter O’Gorman is the Director of Innovation and Learning at AI Darwin. After developing Data applications for 20 years and seeing the rise of the cloud and Artificial Intelligence, Peter sees AI as our saviour for the inefficiencies that rob us of the countless hours in every day.  His passion, to first leverage AI to free us of the highly repetitive, taxing, low intel activities that could easily be handled by a machine.

Join us at the Darwin Innovation Hub for our April meeting on the third Thursday to learn how AI is shaping the future!

Every 3rd Thurdsay, our doors are open for Darwin to meet our community of businesses, entrepreneurs and start-up founders.
Take a tour, walk through our venue and make some new connections.