Using DNA to barcode life: Where it’s been, where it’s going and does it work?

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Presenter:  Professor Robert de Salle, American Museum of Natural History

Date: May 15, 2019

Time: 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Contact person:  Maryanne McKaige
T: 89466585

Location:  Lecture Theatre Yellow 1.1.39, Charles Darwin University Casuarina Campus

Dr DeSalle works in molecular systematics, microbial evolution, and genomics. His current research concerns the development of bioinformatic tools to handle large-scale genomics problems using phylogenetic systematic approaches. Dr. DeSalle has worked closely with colleagues from Cold Spring Harbor Labs, New York University, and the New York Botanical Garden on seed plant genomics and development of tools to establish gene family membership on a genome- wide scale. His group also focuses on microbial genomics, taxonomy, and systematics. In particular, they approach tree-of-life questions concerning microbial life using whole genome information. He also dabbles in Drosophila systematics. Dr DeSalle will spend the fellowship working with ANU scientists to develop theory to analyze microbial communities and microbial relationships. He will also be working with Questacon developing exhibition contact related to microbial life on this planet.

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