Research Translation Workshop

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Presenter:  Institute of Advance Studies (IAS)

Date: Nov 01, 2017

Time: 8:30am to 11:30am

Contact person:  IAS; Menzies School of Health Research
T: 8946 8680

Location:  CDU Casuarina Campus-Red 9, Seminar Room

Target audience:  CDU Researchers only

This event is being sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Studies and is free to IAS staff members, numbers are limited.  

The workshop is designed to give researchers knowledge and skills to maximise the impact of their research. The workshop, through a seminar, case studies and group discussion, will cover:

How is policy developed?

There are a number on theories on how policy development occurs and understanding these theories helps us to be policy entrepreneurs. Theories that will be explored are Kingdon’s Policy Window Theory; Weiss’s Ideology, Interests and Information theory and Lindblom’s Incrementalism Theory.

What is the role of the researcher?

There are a number of players in research translation. These are the researcher, knowledge broker, advocate and decision makers. What is the role of each of these players and what role can the researcher take in supporting research translation?

What are the tangible things that researchers can do?

There are a number of actions that researchers can take to close the research-policy translation gap. These actions include engaging in policy processes (submissions, engagement in consultations), communications activities (media releases, opinion pieces, social media, blog posts), advocacy actions (alliances, meetings and events with decision makers) and repurposing information (summary documents, infographics, videos).

Facilitator: Caterina Giorgi, For Purpose

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