International Graduate Centre of Education Symposium

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Presenter:  International Graduate Centre of Education

Date: Aug 31, 2016

Time: 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Contact person:  International Graduate Centre of Education
T: +61 8 8946 6851

Location:  Orange 2.4.07, Casuarina Campus / Online - Live stream opens at 15:45 Darwin time (Online Instructions) or you can join from our website

The IGCE Symposium is a fortnightly event that features Charles Darwin University researchers and special guests from around the world. These fortnightly symposia explore contemporary educational research projects alongside practical and theoretical aspects of research methodology.

What we have been taught about Friendship and why it is almost certainly Wrong

Abstract: Aristotle distinguishes friendships of pleasure or utility from more valuable ‘character friendships’ in which the friend cares for the other qua person for the other’s own sake. Aristotle and some neo-Aristotelians require such friends to be fairly strictly symmetrical in their separateness of identity from each other, in the degree to which they identify with each other, and in the degree to which they are virtuous. I argue that there is a neglected form of valuable friendship–neither of friendship nor utility–that allows significant asymmetries.

About the Speaker:

T. Brian Mooney received his doctorate in Philosophy from La Trobe University and his undergraduate and master’s degrees at The Queen’s University of Belfast. He has published more than 60 articles in areas including Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion and the History of Philosophy. He is author, co-author and co-editor of 10 books in Philosophy. His most recent books include Critical and Creative Thinking (McGraw-Hill 2016); Aquinas, Education and the East (Springer, 2013); Understanding Teaching and Learning (St. Andrews Studies in Philosophy and Public Affairs, 2011); Meaning and Morality: Essays on the Philosophy of Julius Kovesi (Brill, 2012); Thinking Things Through: an Introduction to Analytical Skills (McGraw-Hill, 2009), and. Responding to Terrorism: Political, Philosophical and Legal Perspectives (Ashgate, 2008)  Brian Mooney is Professor of Philosophy and Head of the School of Creative Arts and Humanities at Charles Darwin University.