Menzies Lunchtime Seminar: Healthy Food Retailing Interventions in Rural and Remote Community Stores

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Presenter:  Catherine L. Mah, Emma McMahon, Megan Ferguson & Julie Brimblecombe

Date: Apr 12, 2017

Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Contact person:  Melody Song
T: 8946 8485

Location:  Seminar Room 013 - off the foyer of the New Menzies Building, RDH Campus


The retail sector is a dynamic and competitive part of food systems with an important influence on population health. In rural and remote communities, many structural barriers exist to healthy retailing, including supply side factors (geography, transportation infrastructure, and store management practices) as well as demand side factors (individual and household socioeconomic constraints to healthy eating and food purchasing). This presentation brings together researchers and knowledge users from Canada and Australia to facilitate a cross-jurisdictional dialogue on evidence and promising opportunities for healthy food retailing in small community stores. The session will include: key themes in the international evidence on the rural and remote retail food environment, the role of price in purchasing from the retail and consumer perspective, the use of merchandising strategies to influence healthy purchasing, learning from natural experiments and incorporating evaluation of healthy retail interventions into public health practice.


A/Prof Catherine Mah is based at Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada. Catherine leads the Food Policy Lab, a multidisciplinary program of research in the policy and practice of public health, with a focus on health-promoting innovations in the food system. She is visiting Darwin as part of her ongoing collaboration with the Nutrition team based at Menzies School of Health Research. Led by A/Prof Julie Brimblecombe, and including Emma McMahon (Research Fellow) and Megan Ferguson (PhD Candidate), the Nutrition team’s research has a focus on community-driven decision-making for food systems improvements.

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