Beyond the North-South Culture Wars - Reconciling Northern Australia’s recent past with its future - Seminar & Book Promotion

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Presenter:  Professor Allan Dale, The Cairns Institute, James Cook University & Adjunct, Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University

Date: May 16, 2016

Time: 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Contact person:  Northern Institute
T: 08 8946 7468

Location:  Northern Institute, Yellow Building 1, Level 2, Room 48

Target audience:  Free - Open To The Public - All Welcome

About this lecture and book promotion
Increasingly, Australia’s agriculturalists are looking to the nation’s north to escape the decline in southern Australia’s water and soil resources. Booming mineral and gas development is also helping to drive the nation’s economic success. At the same time, the south’s conservation sector would like to see much of the north preserved as iconic wilderness. Both conservation and resource development interests alike are often at odds with the interests of the north’s traditional owners, many of whom remain trapped in welfare dependency and poverty. Indeed, to the ire of north Australians, the past five decades of north Australian history have indeed been characterized by these national-scale conflicts being played out in regional and local communities. This book explores these conflicts as well as the many emerging opportunities facing the development of the north, suggesting that a strong cultural divide between northern and southern Australia exists; one that needs to be reconciled if the nation as a whole is to benefit from northern development. The author first explores where these historical conflicts could take us without a clear forward agenda. A story-based personal narrative from his long and diverse experience in the north gives life to these themes. Finally, the book then draws on these stories to help shape a cohesive agenda for the north’s future.

About Allan
Allan Dale is a Professor of Tropical Regional Development at The Cairns Institute, James Cook University. Allan has a strong interest in integrated natural resource policy and management in northern Australia. He has both extensive research and policy expertise in governance systems and integrated natural resource management. He is Chair of Regional Development Australian Far North Queensland and Torres Strait and an Honorary Professorial Research Fellow with Charles Darwin University’s Northern Institute. Having grown up in Far North Queensland and having held senior executive roles within the Queensland Government, Allan has a keen interest in the governance of northern Australia. Having started his career as an agricultural scientist, his doctoral work explored rural development in remote Indigenous communities. He has research, management and policy experience in regional development and natural resource governance, including in northern Australia’s pastoral, fishing, forestry, tourism and mining sectors. As the inaugural head of the Queensland Government’s Social Impact Assessment Unit, he was involved in decision making from national to local levels.