The failure(s) of a successful research project – On the steep and thorny way to become a good researcher (one day?)

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Presenter:  Professor Thomas Diefenbach

Date: Mar 17, 2017

Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Contact person:  Marelle Lee
T: 08 8946 8815

Location:  CDU Waterfront Campus, Room: WFD 3.19

The abstract is as follows:
Carrying out a research project is, or at least can be one of the better parts of a researcher’s work – especially when it is successful: whether it is the conceptual design, the theoretical work, conducting the empirical research part, presenting the research at a conference or finally getting it published; this all can be very productive, enjoyable, and much appreciated activities (and it’s good for one’s career, either). However, even if all boxes are ticked the research project might not have been as great a success as it seems (or claimed) to be. Even worse, it actually might have been a rather shallow, window-dressing and tick-the-boxes exercise good for the ‘publish-or-perish circus’.This presentation will not only show what can go well and wrong with a research project but it will provide a remedy for (hopefully) not only doing better research projects but becoming a better researcher – one day ?

A light lunch will be provided. For catering purposes, please contact Marelle Lee ( by COB Wednesday March 15