Getting Started with Stata - Statistical Software Course

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Presenter:  Menzies Stats & Data Management Teams

Date: Jun 23, 2016 to Jun 24, 2016

Time: 8:30am to 4:30am

Contact person:  Menzies School of Health Research
T: 08 8946 8688

Location:  NACOG building, Pink Building 7, Room 7.1.05, Charles Darwin University, Ellengowan Drive, Casuarina.

This two day course will be a gentle introduction to Stata. It will cover how you can look at, summarise and simply present your data in Stata. It will teach you how to generate tables of results and basic graphs. It will contain plenty of hands-on using Stata/IC version 14.0 for Windows, and opportunities to ask questions in a small classroom environment.

Learning to work in Stata takes time and lots of practice. Participants can view attending this course as getting a basic grounding on the road to becoming proficient in Stata. Further experience analysing data using Stata will certainly be needed.

The course will NOT cover any inferential statistics (p-values or 95% CIs).

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