Symposium: Creativity in the Borderland Between Art and Science

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Presenter:  School of Creative Arts and Humanities

Date: Aug 03, 2017 to Aug 04, 2017

Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Contact person:  School of Creative Arts and Humanities
T: 8946 7404

Location:  CDU Casuarina Campus, Building Blue 1.1.01 Theatre

A number of creative works in both the arts and the sciences have flourished in consequence of exchanges between artistic and scientific cultures.

However, some scholars continue to defend the ‘Two Cultures’ view, which separates artistic culture from scientific thought and holds that scientific methods fail to enlighten our understanding of art.

Thus, can artists and scholars from the humanities develop authentic collaborations with scientists?

Can scientific innovations benefit from artistic creativity?

What are the contributions of science to our understanding of art and music?

In Creativity in the Borderland Between Art and Science, a dream team of international artists, cognitive scientists, musicians, philosophers, and literary writers unite their efforts in the borderland of Darwin (NT) for addressing these fascinating questions. They will present ground-breaking works and theories aimed at transfiguring your understanding of the interactions between art and science.

Click here for the program: file:///C:/Users/adiola/Downloads/Symposium-%20Creativity%20in%20the%20Borderland%20between%20Art%20and%20Science%20(1).pdf