NI Governance

Northern Institute is a part of Charles Darwin University and is located within the Faculty of Law, Business, Education and the Arts.

NI is funded through a fund established by Northern Territory Government and Charles Darwin University as well as income from external research and consultancy grants, student supervision and teaching.

The Institute is led by the Director who has the responsibility to develop the research profile of the Institute, work in partnership with internal and external stakeholders and provide a supportive and stimulating environment for researchers


NI’s independent advisory board reflects the government, industry and community profiles of the region. The Board provides leadership in developing the directions and connections for research and ensures NI is a place to encourage and support local, national and international partners to enable public intellectual commentary, to expand regional capacity to lead research of significance and realise the potential of the region.

Each research theme is led by a principal scientist who is an internationally/nationally recognised leader in their field. The principal scientist provides research leadership, develops the research program with key stakeholders, and provides leadership to the researchers and researcher students in that area.

Each research team works to develop their area of expertise to a high level, present and publish on that theme and grow local capacity to undertake the research and utilise its outcomes.