‘Espresso Yourself’ Virtual Coffee Shop for HDR Students

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Northern Institute's Virtual Coffee Shop is dedicated to our HDR students (and supervisors) to keep connecting, prevent burnout and promote camaraderie.

Whether you are city-based, regional, remote or studying outside of Australia the Virtual Coffee Shop provides a platform to interact with like-minded research students to gain support, valuable advice or just a sympathetic ear. Grab a coffee and talk all things HDR with the ones who truly understand – your peers.

Meetings run on the Fourth Wednesday of each month at 3.00-4.00pm (ACST). Hosted by Professor Helen Verran.


The next 'Espresso Yourself' virtual meeting will be Wednesday 22 June @ 3.00pm 

In our June Espresso Yourself! we will discuss: " Method Anxiety" 

As a research higher degree student do you suffer from ‘method anxiety’, or perhaps the seemingly more serious condition of ‘methodology anxiety?’ 

A surprisingly large number of RHD students answer yes when asked that question. But what is ‘method’? And why do so many students so readily agree they are anxious about it? And what is the difference between method and methodology anyway?

We will talk about this at our next Espresso Session... I will be trying to demystify, and deflate...

But as a way of helping me prepare I wonder if a few of you might take the time to email me a sentence (or two?) about your past or present experiences with ‘method’ or ‘methodology’ helen.verran@cdu.edu.au 

Our meetings are an opportunity to talk about what you’ve been doing.  And talking about it always makes things clearer!



We have updated our Zoom Link - Please register here: ZOOM Registration Link

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  • You will need to register each month to attend. 
  • This workshop is only availble to CDU students. 

To join or for more information contact:

Katrina Britnell
Northern Institute
T 08 8946 7468