Informing the Territory Economic Summits

Northern Institute is producing a series of research papers that outline the key challenges in economic development for the NT government, demonstrating CDU's leadership, expertise and research in this area.


The Territory Economic Summits will shape the future development of the Northern Territory by developing an economic framework and long-term vision that will form the basis for our long-term decision making.



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Enabling remote Aboriginal economic participation through financial, economic and marketplace capabilities [01/2017]


Pascal Tremblay

pdf (878KB)

The importance of international education to the Northern Territory [02/2017]

Alicia Boyle

Kate Golebiowska

pdf (818KB)

Tourism as a key economic driver for the Northern Territory [03/2017]

Pascal Tremblay

Alicia Boyle

pdf (716KB)

Local workforce development key to stabilising the NT workforce and to ‘Developing the North’ [04/2017]

Kate Golebiowska

Alicia Boyle

pdf (804KB)

How can foreign-born workers support the development of the North? [05/2017]

Kate Golebiowska

Alicia Boyle

pdf (817KB)

A Snapshot of Current Population Issues in the Northern Territory [06/2017]

Andrew Taylor


Tom Wilson

pdf (2MB)

Country-based enterprises support growth and diversification of local Indigenous economies in the Northern Territory [07/2017]

Beau Austin

Stephen Garnett

Cathy Robinson

pdf (728KB)