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The Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts aims to publish articles which advance our knowledge and understanding of social contexts in Australia and internationally with an emphasis on the socio-cultural dimensions of learning in these different contexts and configurations. We strive towards the publication of high-quality articles through the engagement of expert referees in a double-blind peer review process.  


LCJ 25 cover

Number 25, December 2019
Special Issue: Growing Our Own: Indigenous Education on Country

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Guest Editors: Dr Sue Erica Smith & Ms Tess McPeake

LCJ 24 cover

Number 24, October 2019

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LCJ 23 coverNumber 23, November 2018
Special Issue: Ethical relationships, ethical research in Aboriginal contexts: Perspectives from central Australia

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Guest Editors: Dr Al Strangeways, Dr Judith Lovell & Professor Barry Judd

LCJ 22 front coverNumber 22, December 2017
Special Issue: Decolonising Research Practices

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Guest Editors: Dr Debbie Hohaia, Dr Lisa Hall & Dr Nia Emmanouil

LCJ 21 front cover

Number 21, November 2017
Special Issue: 2017 30th ACHPER International Conference

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Guest Editor: Dr John Williams

Focus on Educative Purposes:

Take a Strengths-Based Approach:

Value Movement: 

Include a Critical Enquiry Approach:

Develop Health Literacy:

Sport and Recreational Pedagogies:


Number 20, October 2016
Special Issue: New Connections in Education Research

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Guest Editor: Sue Erica Smith

Number 19, April 2016Learning Communities cover image
Special Issue: Synthesis & Integration writing from the Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation

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Guest Editor: Dr Judith Lovell


Number 18, December 2015
Special Issue: Narrative Inquiry

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Guest Editors: Greg Shaw & Jon Mason


Number 17, October 2015
Special Issue: Indigenous Pathways and Transitions into Higher Education

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Guest Editors: Jack Frawley, James A. Smith, Steve Larkin & Michael Christie


Number 16, September 2015
Special Issue: Indigenous Sign Language

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Guest Editor: Professor Dany Adone


Number 15, March 2015
Special Issue: Objects of Governance

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Guest Editors: Professor Helen Verran & Professor Michael Christie


Number 14, September 2014
Special Issue: Evaluation

Foreword: Ruth Wallace
Guest EditorialEmma Williams

Journal Cover

Number 13, May 2013

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Editorial: Stephen Hamilton

lcj-originalNumber 12, April 2013
Special Edition: Ethnographic Stories of Disconcertment 

 (pdf 865KB)

Editorial: The Ethnographer in the Text: Stories of Disconcertment in the Changing Worlds of North Australian Social Research - Michael Christie & Helen Verran

  • Belonging, Being and Becoming: Learning within Early Childhood Education in a Remote Aboriginal Community - Helen Hazard
  • Rising to the Challenge of Seiqol-DW... Or Not - Rachael Mcmahon
  • Fire, Lamb Chops And Engagement: Practice and Theory Entanglements in Remote Aboriginal Education - Matthew Campbell
  • The Promise of Milmarra - Kathryn Macmahon
  • The Child under the Table: Optimism and Melancholy in School-Based Ethnography - Helen Harper
  • Talking Home and Housing: The Ethnographer brought Back Down to Earth - Michael Christie
  • The Dead as Participants: Challenged by the Yolŋu Aboriginal Child Learner at Gäṉgaṉ - Helen Verran
  • Paper Work - Anthea Nicholls
  • An Ethnographer Searching for the Hybrid Economy Finds She's Been Doing it all along: Pandanus, Participation and Perseverance - Emily Munro-Harrison
  • The Generative Role of Narrative in Ethnographies of Disconcertment: Social Scientists Participating in the Public Problems of North Australia - Helen Verran & Michael Christie

lcj-originalOctober 2011

 (pdf 1.4MB)

Editorial: Leif Karlsson

  • Academic Quality and Internships Students Account on the value of Theory in Practice - Lars Svensson, Kristina Johansson and Leif Karlsson
  • Turning over Stones I hadn't even realized were there at the Beginning "A Study of Critical Analysis in Teacher Training" - Susanne Gustavsson & Gunvi Broberg & Susanna Nilson Jacobsson and Marrianne Lord
  • One Step towards Integration Aspects on how Immigrants Academics Learn During Internship - Jörgen Dimenäs & Majid Jaffari
  • Nurses Students' Clinical Competence Assessed by Students and their Clinical Supervisors an Issue of Communication - Ann-Helen Sandvik
  • The Experience of being a Preceptor for a Nurse Students in Clinical Practice a Cross Sectional Qualitative stud - Yvonne Hilli

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