Decolonising Research Methodologies in East Arnhem Land

LCJ 22 front cover

Moana Pera Tane & Matire Harwood

LCJ: Special Issue: Decolonising Research Practices, 22, pp. 48-68

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Tane, M.P. & Harwood, M. (2017). Decolonising Research Methodologies in East Arnhem Land. Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts [Special Issue: Decolonising Research Practices], 22, 48-68. DOI:



‘Talking About Smoking in East Arnhem Land: Denormalisation, Stigmatisation and Leadership’ was a research project that began in 2014 in East Arnhem Land, amongst the Yolŋu peoples. The study revealed a wealth of deeper meanings and beliefs about ŋarali’ or tobacco within the context of Yolŋu tradition, history and culture. In this reflective piece, the primary author describes a personal journey of learning through observations and discussions with Yolŋu informants who shared their values, expectations and obligations associated with ŋarali’, which over time, have become interwoven with Yolŋu ceremony.


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