NI Research Student Network

Research students are an important part of the life and future of the research community.

At the Northern Institute, we invite HDR students to participate in the NI Research Student Network where students can share their experiences and profile with an international audience, find information, build their skills in articulating elements of their research in a supportive academic environment, access leading academics and help identify ways the Northern Institute can support students better.

HDR students who are linked to the Northern Institute through their principal or associate supervisors are invited to participate and contribute to the group.

Meetings on the afternoon of the second Friday of each month, offer opportunities for students to participate in a supportive group of people who are engaged in finding their way through a research degree.

Topics for the meetings vary and students are invited to talk about things they have just done or are planning to do.

For example:

  • Perhaps your research involves learning to use a computer program to visualize patterns in a data set …when you finally get the program to work tell others about it
  • If you’ve just had a really confusing experience in field work… and can’t really work out if there is something in there that’s relevant to the research… telling others about the confusion can help
  • If you have a presentation coming up—perhaps your confirmation, or perhaps your first conference paper, you can use the group to practice talking like ‘an expert’
  • Many of our students are informally supervised by Indigenous knowledge authorities, and often you find yourself learning alongside Indigenous learners.  We can talk about the ethics and politics of that, and discuss ways the roles of our Indigenous colleagues can be more formally recognised and perhaps remunerated.
  • Students can get candid and tailored advice and support in meeting the formal requirements of their candidature.  How negotiable are University requirements?  Why are so many of the rules about research degrees written in such ‘highfalutin’ terms?

For more information on enrolling at CDU, please visit Postgraduate Research & Training.


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