Northern Australia Governance Research Group


The Northern Australia Governance Research Group is a group of researchers and practitioners who share a commitment to collaborative research in designing just and equitable futures for the North, placing the Northern Institute and its collaborators at the forefront of research and development opportunities in the region.

The Northern Australia Governance Research Group (NAGRG) is the product of a long standing collaboration between researchers in the Northern Institute, the Research Institute for Environment and Livelihoods (Charles Darwin University) and The Cairns Institute (James Cook University). 

Working with government, industry, non-government, community and research organisations, NAGRG focus on questions of governance as they arise in a variety of contexts. These include questions of natural resource management, Indigenous governance, land and sea management, workforce, and regional development. 

Research engages with governance practices as they play out on the ground, including within policy arenas. In particular, focus is applied to the intersection of differing knowledge traditions, and the points of emergence within particular forms of knowledge, from Yolngu philosophy to the governance of heat stress in the monsoonal north. 

NAGRG's own practices as researchers are governed by a collaborative ethos, working together with Indigenous and other knowledge authorities in order to attend to problems of governance as they emerge in northern Australia, blending with the Contemporary Indigenous Knowledge & Governance theme. 

Building on the formalisation of the NAGRG, an annual forum series is now in development. The objective of the forums is to provide individuals, groups and organisations with an environment in which issues of governance may be approached in open and productive ways. 


  • Facilitate collaborative research practices around the conduct of regional governance and Indigenous enterprise development
  • Initiate forums and Think Tanks supporting collaborative discussion on issues of governance in northern Australia
  • Facilitate networking and discussion which connects northern Australia to other ‘Norths’ around the world
  • Theoretical engagement with governance and knowledge