Northern Research Alliance

CDU/Northern Institute & CSIRO

NI and CSIRO are committed to developing an active, collaborative relationship with potential for pooling expertise to advance understanding of topics related to social policy research related to health, biosecurity and systemic approaches to policy in remote regions, particularly in relation to Northern Australia.


The partnership with CSIRO has resulted in the establishment of a joint leadership in developing research that has been utilised in cooperative research centres and the current establishment of the Northern Research Alliance.  This will enable a research program of work to enhance the well-being of Northern Australia’s Indigenous and rural community workforce and build surveillance and service delivery systems that improve the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of Northern Australia.

Building research opportunities that are developed through strong customer relationships, will focus on collaborative approaches to health and biosecurity surveillance and service delivery. Through this initiative, CSIRO and CDU are in a unique position to develop a strategic partnership that can harness each institution's unique set of capabilities to provide the competitive advantage for total system health approaches to enable Northern Australia's regional development. This includes developing a program of work that identify points in biosecurity, environmental and health surveillance, and a delivery system where interventions are more likely to have impact and be cost-effective.