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Mobile Apps giving new life to old languages (PDF 78KB) | No. 11

Marrithiyel, a ‘Tyikim’ language, is a highly threatened Daly River (NT) language, with only small pockets of speakers spread across the Daly River, Wagait, Belyuen and Darwin regions.


Community asked to map Darwin Harbour's Future (PDF 122KB) | No. 10

Thousands of residents in the Darwin Catchment area are being invited to "stick up" for their favourite places around the Harbour, in an innovative, hands-on study by Northern Institute's Dr Tom Brewer.

Festival to Keep Languages Alive (PDF 305KB) | No. 09

You don't often associate a festival with something as serious as conserving Indigenous language, but that's exactly what researchers from the Northern Institute hope to do, at the 'I Heart Bagot' mini-festival held in Darwin's Bagot Community this weekend.

Knowing Our Namesake: Exploring Darwin ….In Darwin (PDF 327KB) | No. 08

Professor Browne is world renowned for her knowledge of Charles Darwin, having been an associate editor of his early correspondence, and more recently, author of a major biographical study. 

The changing face of Darwin: older and bigger (PDF286KB) | No. 07

New research by Northern Institute's Dr Andrew Taylor has uncovered some startling statistical facts about how the population of Darwin will transform over the next 3 decades.

Culture in a bush-camp classroom (PDF 553KB) | No. 06

In celebration of NAIDOC week, a group of local indigenous children have embraced a unique chance to learn about their culture, traditions and identity.

From little things, big things grow (PDF 78KB) | No. 05

Networked collaboration for Northern Australian Research.

Indigenous Communities: Guardians against foreign invaders (PDF 424KB) | No. 04

Indigenous people may soon play a vital frontline role in protecting Australia's unique environment by being the "eyes and ears" of the bush.

Northern Territory and Singapore - partners in Northern Development (PDF 328KB) | No. 03

Singapore as a Partner in the Development of Northern Australia: Capital, Project Management, Asian Market Intelligence and Singapore as a Logistics Hub.

Can your Council deal with catastrophic climate events? (PDF 79KB) | No. 02

Supriya Mathews discusses methods to analyse extreme weather events, discuss the uncertainty surrounding them and how best local government can help communities adapt to long term climate change.

Refugees: An economic gain, not a drain (PDF 76KB) | No. 01

Businesses in Northern Australia can significantly benefit from workplace skills brought to the Territory by refugees.