Andrew Hawkins

M. Admin Law & Public Policy, B.A. (Psych Hons)

University Fellow

Andrew is a Director at ARTD Consultants, a public policy consulting firm established in 1989 that specialises in strategy, monitoring and evaluation that generates evidence and insight for decision makers. 

He believes program evaluation should be theory-driven and empirically validated.

Andrew works as an independent evaluator, facilitator and mentor for public policy professionals, delivering credible and useful evidence for decision-making. Andrew’s strength lies in understanding of evaluation theory, uses (and abuses) of program logic and the nature of evidence in complex systems. He draws on a background in psychology and behaviour change policy. He uses a realist lens and empirical analysis to monitor performance and conduct comprehensive evaluations to help clients understand how interventions work, and could be improved to achieve strategic objectives.

Ressearch Interests

In his professional role Andrew works on problems that are posed to him. This requires listening and attention to the needs of his clients. Andrew also has a maverick streak and is passionate about developing understanding that can be used to make a positive impact in the world—this includes questioning accepted means of gathering evidence and ways of knowing. These interests include

  • Evaluation theory and methodology
  • Realist philosophy of science
  • The nature of causality in complex systems
  • Indigenous ways of knowing/ epistemology (about which he knows nothing—so please get in contact if you can help him out)

Andrew’s work programme is constantly changing and varies from child protection to elder abuse, from facilitating international trade to employment outcomes for disadvantaged groups in various contexts. More information about Andrew’s work at ARTD can be found at

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Publications & Resources

Journal Articles

Hawkins, A.J. (2016). Realist evaluation and randomised controlled trials for testing program theory in complex social systems. Evaluation, 22(3), 270–285.

Hawkins, A.J. (2014). The case for experimental design in realist evaluation. Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts [Special Issue: Evaluation], 14, 46-59.

Research Reports

The vast majority of Andrew’s reports are confidential and not published. A small selection of reports that are publically available include:

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Professional Positions, Memberships & Awards

Professional Positions

  • Co-Chair AES Realist Evaluation Special Interest Group


  • Australasian Evaluation Society Best Public Sector Evaluation Award 2014 
Andrew Hawkins


T: +61 2 9373 9915

Sydney, NSW