Professor Dany Adone

University Professorial Fellow

Professor Dany Adone is currently the Head of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures and the Head of the Department of English I at the University of Cologne, Germany. She also holds the Chair of Applied English Linguistics and is the Director of the Australian Studies Program (Linguistics) in the English Department. Since 2013 Prof. Adone is a University Professorial Fellow affiliated with the Northern Institute/CDU.  She is also a Honorary Professor at the University of Seychelles.

She has worked in and with several countries including Mauritius, the Seychelles, Australia, Jamaica and the Solomon Islands on several projects, some of which are concerned with the development of the Indigenous sign languages. In Australia, Professor Adone is currently working on three community-driven projects, two in the Northern Territory and one in Western Australia. 

She has published several books and articles on the L1 Acquisition of Creole languages, and Sign Languages. Professor Adone and Dr. E. Maypilama have pioneered the publication of the first grammar of Yolŋu Sign Language together with a team of Yolŋu researchers. The Yolŋu communities involved in the project have asked to continue this work through the Northern Institute. Together with Dr. E. Maypilama she organised a workshop on Indigenous Sign Languages in 2013 hosted by the Northern Institute, CDU.

Her fields of expertise include:

  • Indigenous Sign Languages of Australia 
  • Language Contact
  • Creole Languages
  • First Language Acquisition

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Professor Dany Adone


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