Eileen Cummings

University Fellow

Eileen has long standing connections across NT Aboriginal communities, the Federal and NT Government after her time as a senior bureaucrat in the Aboriginal social policy area. Eileen ensures the research is developed according to the highest standards of research in Western and Aboriginal contexts, Eileen presents and publishes on the research outcomes with CDU researchers and supports the engagement of Aboriginal people as researchers in evaluation projects.

Eileen Cummings has acted as a member of the Evaluation of Social Policy Research team for several years. Since retiring Eileen has brought her considerable knowledge and leadership to the development of the methodologies within the team and leads the Aboriginal community engagement aspects of this work.

Eileen provides leadership and authority for the evaluation team to develop their work with Aboriginal communities. I appreciate her commitment to developing this research and improving the approaches used to evaluate Aboriginal social policy in the NT.

Research interests

  • Rekindling Family Relationships
  • Aboriginal culture & Values
  • Violence Prevention & Intervention Services
  • Violence against Aboriginal women
  • Customary law
  • Education & training


Fuller, Don; Howard, Myles; and Cummings, Eileen (2002) "Indigenous Micro-enterprise Development in Northern Australia - Implications for Economic and Social Policy," Journal of Economic and Social Policy: Vol. 7: Iss. 2, Article 2.

  • Publication in Australian Aboriginal Studies
  • Indigenous Micro Enterprise Foundation & Community Development
  • Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Response to Story & Country-"Sharing Spaces" To Our Families, Colleagues and Communities
  • Co-author of the Northern Territory Government's Historic Overview & Changes of Aboriginal Welfare in the Northern Territory - Insight into Displaced People of the Northern Territory - "The Stolen Generations"
  • Culture & Economic Development in Remote Indigenous Communities of Northern Australia


  • Department  of Chief Minister Office of  Women's Policy - Social Policy Unit, Cowriter/writer of Strategies
  • "Country, Kin & Culture-Survival of an Australian Aboriginal Community Indigenous Women Economic Development & Equity" Indigenous Women. Leadership Decision-making Indigenous Women - Policy Priorities
  • Family Children's Services Commonwealth - Canberra Policy. Longitudinal-Education for Indigenous Children focusing on Education. Health and Family Functioning
  • Aboriginal Family Violence Strategy, NT Government
  • Aboriginal Community Profiles - Aboriginal Families. Values and Altitude, NT Government's Aboriginal Family Violence Strategy

Seminars & Forums

  • Women's Business Forum, Darwin NT
  • National Forum on Indigenous Family Violence,  Adelaide SA
  • Commonwealth\State Women's Advisers Seminar "Establishing Priorities & Plan of Action", New Zealand
  • Police Seminar, Violence Against Aboriginal Women, Darwin NT
  • Customs and Culture- Current Situation in Relation to Violence against Aboriginal Women, Police Seminar- Darwin NT.     
  • NTG Integrated Learning Network Pty Ltd. Seminar, Alice Springs NT
  • NT Police Berrimah "Seminar on Violence Against Aboriginal Women", Darwin NT, NTCOSS Conference, Overcoming the Divide

Conference presentations

  • Family & Community Strengths Conference 2005, Evidence Driving Practice Indigenous Forum "The Strengths of our Mob & Community Sharing & Celebrating our Stories"
  • Violence Against Aboriginal Women National Women & Drug, Conference "Challenge, Consensus and Change", Canberra ACT
  • International Indigenous Women's Conference, New Zealand
  • National Indigenous Women's Conference "Part of the Solution", Laura, QLD and Canberra ACT
  • National Conference "Survival Environmental Health", Canberra ACT
  • National Aboriginal Recreation Conference Social/People Resources “Indigenous Women's Conference", Canberra ACT
  • Indigenous Women's Conference, "Way of Life", Miwatj Region NT
  • Customary  Law and Aboriginal Victims of Crime & Aboriginal Perspective Police Commissioner's Conference, Darwin NT
  • Aboriginal Women and Health - National Aboriginal Women's Health Conference, Darwin NT
  • Land Management and Preservation Aboriginal Way Conference, Perth WA
  • Two Way Learning Styles in Education, National Aboriginal Education Conference, Perth WA "Aboriginal Learning Styles"
  • Aboriginal Traditional Dispute Resolution Law & Justice Conference, Townsville QLD
  • Myths and Facts of Domestic Violence - (Aboriginal Communities) Criminology Law & Domestic Violence Conference, Canberra ACT
  • Faculty of Aboriginal & Islander Studies, Faculty of Law and Community Welfare Studies National Indigenous Women's Business Conference, Canberra ACT
  • International Women's conference, New Zealand
  • National Indigenous Women's Conference, Canberra ACT
  • Fourth World Archaeology Conference, San Francisco USA
  • Prime Minister's- Indigenous Family Violence Summit, Canberra ACT
  • "Holistic Approach to Service Delivery to Indigenous People, Regional Development'' & "From the Margins of the Centre" ATSIC­ NT Regional Council Chairs & Commissioners, Alice Springs & ATSIC/NTG Consultative, Darwin NT
  • Office of Commissioner for Public Employment in Conjunction with IPAA "Valuing an Inclusive Workforce"
  • Menzies School of Health -"Co-ordination", Darwin NT


  • Aboriginal Family Violence Strategy.  "Strong Family. Strong Community. Strong Future" Project.  NT Government


  • Miwatj Aboriginal Medical Service Board
  • Miwatj Regional Women's Forum
  • Gove Crisis Accommodation
  • Danila Dilba Medical Service, Gove/Nhulunbuy & Darwin
  • Emotional and Well Being Program, Katherine West Health Board
  • Wurli Wurlinjang Health Service
  • Sunrise Health Service
  • Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Medical Service
  • Anyinginyi Health Service
  • Relekha Way Family Violence Committee, Ntaria
  • Tangentyere Council
  • Nyirranggulung Mardrulk Ngadberre Regional Council
  • Julalikari Aboriginal Corporation Women's Forum
  • Dhanbul Community Council

Training Units/Modules

  • NT & Flinders University Students: Community & Welfare & Aboriginal Studies
  • Health Workers and Service Providers Training "Aboriginal Women's Issues Health and Violence"- East Anthem, Nhulunbuy NT
  • Nutrition/Good Tucker workshop "Aboriginal Way- Strong Together", Katherine NT
  • "The Community & Alcohol" Community Resources/Social Issues
  • National Economic- Flinders University Small Enterprise
Eileen Cummings


E: cummingseileen@hotmail.com

Northern Territory