Professor Harry Blagg

Ph.D, B.A.

University Professorial Fellow

Harry Blagg has a national and international reputation as a leading criminologist specializing in Indigenous people and criminal justice, young people and crime, family and domestic violence, crime prevention, diversionary strategies, policing and restorative justice. He has over 20 years experience in conducting high level research with Aboriginal people across Australia (including urban, rural and remote locations) on justice related issues. From 2001/2006 Harry was Research Director of the West Australian Law Reform Commission’s reference: Aboriginal Customary Laws. This project explored whether Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal forms of law can be harmonized and integrated. 

He has developed a specific focus on remote communities – particularly in the Kimberly Region of WA and the Northern Territory - and has been involved in research, consultancy and policy development around community justice, night patrols, men and women’s safe places, youth justice and family violence. 

Current Research

  • ‘Aboriginal Night Patrols: Policing and Governance with Dr Thalia Anthony and Professor Juanita Sherwood (ARC Discovery DP160103569). This cross jurisdictional research looks at the early intervention work of Patrols, particularly women’s Patrols as a decolonizing practice offsetting the harmful impact of mainstream policing methods. The work of patrols provides insights into alternative paradigms where vulnerable groups can be diverted into healing without contact with the criminal justice system. 
  • ‘Diverting Aboriginal People from Detention in Western Australia’, funded by West Australian Police, with Sr Joe Claire and Dr Tamara Tulich. This action research project has involved reducing negative contact between police and Aboriginal people through diversionary alternatives. Shifting attention towards health, disability and trauma interventions rather than the justice system. 
  • ‘Developing a Framework for Indigenous Men and Boys Healing Programs’, funded by the Australian Healing Foundation. A key aim of this paper is to contribute to the future development of men’s healing and violence prevention initiatives by addressing the ‘three prongs’ in the development of successful practice, these are: engaging policy makers; setting up the program, and; resourcing facilitators. 
  • Justice Reform and Human Rights: Evaluation and Project Development for the Shire of Halls Creek WA. funded by the Shire of Halls Creek this project will support emerging place based and community owned justice initiatives with a focus on Indigenous human rights, particularly informed by the notion of 'free, prior and informed consent'. 

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Harry Blagg


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