Dr Hitesh Khanna

Ph.D., M.Applied Commerce, CPA

University Fellow

Hitesh is a Principal Demography Analyst with the Northern Territory Government’s Department of Treasury and Finance, and is currently developing a population projection model for the Northern Territory in collaboration with Dr Tom Wilson at the Northern Institute. His previous role was as Financial Policy Analyst, also with the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Model development, together with meeting Government objectives, melds with his interest in studying historical, current and future changes in Northern Australia through the prism of geography, ecology and economics, and in using the research to inform public policy. Research on the interaction between humans and their environment, and the role of adaptation in determining long-term success in a competitive environment, ties in with his background in ecology and evolutionary biology. As an accountant, Hitesh is interested in the accurate measurement and disclosure of natural capital on the balance sheet of financial statements.

Research Interests

  • Spatial and temporal patterns of land use in Northern Australia
  • Public policy

Current Projects

  • Developing population projection model for the Northern Territory
  • Demographic profile of Darwin city and suburbs and its policy implications
Hitesh Khanna


T: 0400 004 698
E: hitesh.khanna@nt.gov.au

Darwin, NT