Professor Hurriyet Babacan

University Fellow

Professor Hurriyet Babacan is a recognised international scholar.  She is currently Senior Academic Advisor to Strategic Projects Unit and Professor of Social Work and Development  at the University of New England, Australia.  Prior to that, she was the Foundation Director of the Cairns Institute, at James Cook University a research and development institute across 20 academic discipline areas.

Professor Babacan has a distinguished career over the last 30 years in senior executive and leadership roles in higher education, public administration, and research and training.  She is a visiting scholar and adjunct professor at a number of universities in Australia and overseas.

Hurriyet has published widely in national and international publications on a range of issues key social and economic issues including governance and management, cultural diversity, gender, health, economic and community development. She has authored numerous books and articles including two publications for UNESCO. She has delivered keynote presentation at numerous national and international conferences. She has served on numerous ministerial and expert advisory committees. She has been a member of two working parties for the Council of Europe/OECD on measuring well being and social progress. Professor Babacan has led numerous national and international leadership, research and development projects, particularly in the Asia -Pacific.

Hurriyet has been recognised for her work through a number of awards including the Member of Order of Australia (MA) in 2014, Bi-Centenary Medal awarded by the Prime Minister, 2002 and the Multicultural Services Award by the Premier of Queensland. Hurriyet was the Queensland State Finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Award in the for Government and Public Service category in 2003.



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Conference Papers

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Professor Hurriyet Babacan



James Cook University
Cairns QLD