Associate Professor Melissa A. Lindeman

Ph.D., Grad.Dip.VET., M.Policy & Law, B.A.

University Fellow

Melissa is currently Manager, Family and Domestic Violence Service at NPY Women’s Council, Alice Springs. She has a long career in health and community services having held positions in policy, service development, research and education. Prior to joining NPY Women’s Council, she worked for seven years at the Centre for Remote Health, Flinders University in Alice Springs, as Director of the Primary Health Care Research Evaluation and Development Program (PHCRED). This period also included two years as Head of Research. She has also held senior academic positions at Deakin University, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, and the National Ageing Research Institute (University of Melbourne), and various positions in government (Victoria and NT).

Research Interests

  • Rural and remote communities including workforce and service delivery
  • Indigenous health, dementia and ageing, social determinants of health
  • Qualitative and participatory methodologies, including action research
  • Workplace learning and capacity building

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Research Projects

Current Projects

NHMRC (APP1045737), $1,742,188 (2013-2017)

‘Gotta be sit down and worked out together’. Using participatory action research to test an empowerment intervention addressing the needs of unpaid carers of older Aboriginal people.

Chief Investigators: LoGiudice, D., Flicker, L., Smith, K., Bessarab, D., Atkinson, D., Lindeman, M.A., Beer, C.

Publications & Resources

Book Chapters

Hill, K., C. Barrett, R. Smith, & Lindeman M.A. (2003). Falls. In S. Carmondy & S. Foster (eds.), Aged Care Nursing. A guide to practice. Melbourne: Ausmed Publications.

Journal Articles

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Refereed Conference Papers

Lindeman, M.A., Jensen, H., Bell, D., & Farthing, A. 2014). A ‘key worker’ model to improve service pathways for Aboriginal people with dementia in remote Central Australia' Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH) National Conference. Kingscliff, NSW, 17-20 Sep.

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Professional Positions, Memberships & Awards

Professional Positions

  • Associate Professor, Flinders NT, Flinders University (Honorary, with full academic status)
  • Fellow, Australian Association of Gerontology (in recognition of outstanding achievement in gerontology)
  • Director of the Board, Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) (2010-2015)
  • Conference Convenor, AAG National Conference (2015)
  • Inaugural President of AAG, Northern Territory Division (2010-2014) 


  • Member, Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH)
Dr Melissa A. Lindeman


T: 0417 537 485

Alice Springs, NT