Our Partners


The Northern Institute team, of nationally and internationally recognised researchers, are leaders in social and public policy research.

Teams work to develop a series of activities in partnership with stakeholders and funding bodies on areas of key interest for the region, engage nationally and internationally recognised to lead that work and dissemination activities.

The teams are supported to target partnership activities with internal and external agencies that promote social and public policy research and public debate based on sound research.

Each undertake a cohesive set of work that utilizes national and international partnerships and funding opportunities to build capacity and opportunities of high quality public policy research.

Principal scientists in key research areas grow the capacity, improve partnerships and networks and invest in a legacy through their work.

Mid and early career researchers are linked to principal researchers to develop their research skills and capacity to participate in high level research and publication.

It is the responsibility of these research teams to promote the work of TNI’s researchers, connect to regional and national priorities and explore new methodologies of research and dissemination.

Research outcomes build on the strengths related to living in remote, regional and urban regions in the northern region.

Research support

Increasing support for research demonstrates the impact of that collaboration, as agencies have been able to identify the beneficial outcomes of research collaboration and CDU and its partners have improved their ability to negotiate research with a strong local impact.

The Northern Territory Government and Charles Darwin University have developed a Partnership Agreement that provides a framework to manage and improve collaboration for research outcomes.

This partnership has enabled investment in research capacity building approaches to undertaking research, supporting internal research partnerships across CDU to flourish and identifying local talented researchers of the future.

CDU has developed MOUs with regional universities and industry partners. The three Cooperative Research Centres with which CDU is involved provide essential opportunities to collaborate with a range of university and industry partners, this is evident in the demography, health and education policy spheres.


Collaboration for the future

The collaboration with Aboriginal communities over decades is evident in the research with people in the Tiwi Islands and East Arnhem land. Similarly the long term partnerships with people in East Timor over time and change is evident in the body of work undertaken in the region with local people who are developing as early career researchers while also being senior knowledge holders in their communities.

The Northern Institute's key alliances and partnerships include:

  • Innovative research universities
    CDU is one of seven members in the Innovative Research Universities network, through which the members direct their expert knowledge, capabilities and resources to enhance the outcomes of higher education. CDU sits alongside Flinders, Griffith, James Cook, La Trobe, Murdoch and Newcastle universities in the network.
  • Key university partners
    Australian National University, Flinders University and James Cook University enjoy an important organisational partnership with CDU, which enables The Northern Institute to enter into specific research relationships, joint projects and the joint supervision of students
  • Northern Territory Government
    The Territory relies on a robust and responsive university to help drive its economic and social development. The Northern Territory Government and CDU Partnership is a formal agreement that is unique for an Australian university and supports education, research, policy and development and program delivery.

  • Non-government sector
    Across Northern Australia, the non-government sector plays a critical economic and social development role in the governance and service delivery to rural and remote communities. The Northern Institute works collaboratively to deliver research, strategic advice and training to this important sector.
  • Industry sector
    As the communities of Northern Australia prepare for rapid growth in minerals, oil and gas exploration, construction and demographic change. TNI is well placed to deliver high quality advice, research and development, as well as short courses training to the sector.

  • Marine science
    The Australian National University, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, the NT Government and CDU are members of innovative partnership that delivers cooperative research, academic and training activities, and expanded research infrastructure, to ensure sustainable and community development of tropical marine resources.