Dr Alexandra Marley

PhD (ANU), MA (LTU), MAAL (UNE), Dip.Ed (UNE), BA (UOW)

University Fellow

Alexandra is a post-doctoral fellow at the Australian National Herbarium (NRCA, NCMI) at the CSIRO. She is currently working with Indigenous communities in West Arnhem and CSIRO botanists to link species concepts and Indigenous Ecological Knowledge (IEK).

The Australian National Herbarium (ANH) has an extraordinary collection of Australian flora yet these specimens are named using western scientific principles making them inaccessible to anyone not versed in botanical nomenclature. Her work aims to expand the function of the ANH collection so that it may support language and IEK maintenance and transmission in Indigenous communities.

Research Interests

  • Language variation and change
  • Language maintenance and shift
  • Australian languages
  • Biocultural and IEK transmission

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Alexandra Marley


T: 02 6218 3644
E: alexandra.marley@csiro.au

Black Mountain, Canberra