Ana Vuin

M.A. Tourism and Leisure Management, B.S. International Hospitality and Service Management, A.A.S. International Hospitality and Service Management

PhD candidate

Ana is interested in researching and analysing rural communities and their migration patterns worldwide.

For her dissertation topic, she decided to focus on rural/remote/isolated areas in Australia, Sweden and Croatia, and analyse how well contemporary theories of migration account for patterns of migration to those communities.

Ana earned her MA at the IMC FH Krems, where she studied Tourism and Leisure Management, with specialisation in Cultural tourism and Meeting Industry and Events. During her MA candidature, she spent one semester at the Flinders University, working as a research assistant for Mid North Knowledge Partnership.

Her MA thesis was based on that research and analysed the role of heritage tourism assets in rural migration decisions, based on the case studies from three towns in South Australia.

PhD Project Title

Are contemporary migration theories applicable to different types of remote/peripheral areas: An analysis of migration patterns to rural/remote South Australia, Sweden rural areas and Croatia’s remote islands.

Research Interests

  • Regional development in remote areas
  • Causes and influential factors of migration processes
  • Demographic and socio-economic change in rural/ remote areas
  • Migration patterns
  • Cultural awareness and diversity


Professor Ruth Wallace (Northern Institute)
Professor Dean Carson (Northern Institute)

Book Chapters

Carson, D.B.; Wenghofer, E., Timothy, P., Schoo, A., Berggren, P., Vuin, A., Garrett, J., White, D. and Charters, B. (forthcoming). Recruitment and Retention of Professional Labour: the health workforce at settlement level. In Taylor, A. et al (eds). Settlements at the Edge. Edward Elgar Publishing

Journal Articles

Vuin, A., Carson, D.A., Carson, D.B., & Garrett, J. (2016). The role of heritage tourism in attracting ‘active’ migrants to ‘low-amenity’ rural areas: evidence from South Australia. Rural Society. doi: 10.1080/10371656.2016.1194324.

Presentations & Other Research Activities

Presentation at the Fourteenth Conference of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations (July 2014, Vienna University of Business and Economics)

Presentation at the Colloquium 'Space, Place, and Voice: Conceptualizing and Protecting Rural Diversities'

Presentation at the ‘Urban North: Dreams and Realities Symposium’ (Oct 2013, Charles Darwin University)

Presentation at the Research Training Days (Nov 2013, University of South Australia (UniSA)) in Whyalla and Regional Council of Goyder, SA in Burra

Presentation at the 'Regional Utveckling i Glesbygd - Gräv där du står! / Regional Development in the rural areas' conference (organized by GMC in December 2015)

Presentation at the NHRC 2016 conference in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada in June 2016.

Participated in the research exchange program at Glesbygdsmedicinskt centrum (GMC), ARCUM (Umea University) in Storuman, Sweden

November 2015 Ana was a visiting scholar at Umea University and gained teaching experience delivering a Master's Degree course (Qualitative Research Methods: Data collection and analysis) with her co-supervisor.

Ana is currently writing a follow up paper which is part of a longitudinal study from 2013 with the topic ‘Rural living from different perspectives: do our rural communities strive to accommodate and retain the incoming human capital?’

Ana Vuin


T: +61 8 8946 6547

Charles Darwin University
Darwin NT