Dr Ana Vuin

PhD in Human Geography (CDU), M.A. Tourism and Leisure Management (IMC FH KREMS), B.S. International Hospitality and Service Management (RIT), B.S. International Hospitality and Service Management (RIT)

University Fellow

Ana has a PhD in Human Geography and is interested in researching regional, rural, and sparsely populated areas and communities.

For her dissertation topic, Ana examined in-migration to depopulating SPAs in three different countries through a conceptual framework that explored the in-migration effects on the migrant, place, and community. During her PhD Candidate, Ana spent one semester as a visiting scholar at the Arctic Research Centre at Umea University, and collaborated with The Centre for Rural Medicine (GMC) in Northern Sweden. During her time in Sweden, she gained teaching experience delivering a master’s degree course (Qualitative Research Methods: Data collection and analysis) with her co-supervisor.

Ana earned her MA at the IMC FH Krems, where she studied Tourism and Leisure Management, with specialisation in Cultural tourism and Meeting Industry and Events. During her MA candidature, she spent one semester at the Flinders University (Department of Health Sciences), working as a research assistant for the Mid North Knowledge Partnership. Her MA thesis was based on that research and analysed the role of heritage tourism assets in rural migration decisions, based on the case studies from three towns in South Australia.

Ana is currently collaborating on several papers looking into the medical education programs and their applicability to rural-based health professions, the implications of attempted revitalization strategies and activity bursts in rural areas, COVID-19 mobility restrictions and implications and COVID-19 impact on the international workforce in EU.

PhD Project Title

Migration Against the Tide: Case Studies of South Australia, Sweden and Croatia

Research Interests

  • Regional development in remote areas
  • Migration patterns and implications
  • Primary healthcare in regional, rural and SPAs
  • Community development
  • Regional and rural capacity
  • Activity bursts and implications for rural communities
  • Demographic and socio-economic change in rural/ remote areas
  • Cultural awareness and diversity

PhD Supervisors

Professor Ruth Wallace (Northern Institute)
Professor Dean Carson (Northern Institute)

Link to Research Publications

Ana Vuin


T: +61 8 8946 6547
E: ana.vuin@cdu.edu.au

Charles Darwin University
Darwin NT